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Many people seem to believe that in order to find a high quality, well crafted piece of jewelry, you have to travel half-way across the globe. Well, you may be surprised to learn that major fine jewelry and diamond centers are not as far away from home as you thought. A number of big cities in the United States are home to vibrant jewelry markets, industries and trading centers. Zoara has compiled a list of major US cities and offers you an exclusive look into the world of jewelry in each one.

Las Vegas

The seat of excitement , this city has much and more to offer its visitors.

Las Vegas Jewelry >

Los Angeles

Beautiful and sunny, this lovely city holds many attractions.

Los Angeles Jewelry>


Come explore the wonders of this city teaming in history and culture.

Memphis Jewelry>


There's more to this city than its sunny beaches and incredible atmosphere.

Miami Jewelry>


Come explore this sparkling jewel and its amazing lakes.

Minneapolis Jewelry>


Discover the excitement of the  Music City.

Nashville Jewelry>

New Orleans

Get swept away by the beauty and magnificence of this lively city.

New Orleans Jewelry>

New York

Welcome to the Big Apple, the city where anything is possible.

New York Jewelry>


Have a blast exploring this electrifying city.

Orlando Jewelry>


Learn more about the city of brotherly love.

Philadelphia Jewelry>


The beautiful desert sunsets are only the tip of the iceberg.

Phoenix Jewelry>


Explore this urban center with its exciting history and attractions.

Pittsburgh Jewelry >


Strike gold in this city.

Sacramento Jewelry>

Saint Louis

Take a closer look at The Gateway to the West.

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San Antonio

A cultural melting pot, this city has it all.

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San Diego

Its gorgeous shoreline isn't the only thing this city has to offer.

San Diego Jewelry >

San Francisco

Explore the vibrant pulse of the City by the Bay.

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Salt Lake City

Come visit this exciting metropolis.

Salt Lake City Jewelry>


There is more than just lush green in this Emerald City.

Seattle Jewelry >


Explore the magnificent captiol of the United States of America.

Washington Jewelry>

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The diamond industry certainly spans the entire globe. With diamond mines in Africa and Canada and major manufacturing centers in India and the Middle East, diamond production is a major international business. And yet, if you're in the market for loose diamonds or diamond Jewelry, you may not need to venture too far from your doorstep to find them. Zoara brings you the scoop on diamond retail districts right here in our good ol' US of A.

The New York Diamond District, located on 47th street in the heart of Manhattan, has nearly three thousand independent diamond retailers lining the block. It's one of the oldest most prestigious diamond districts in the United States, selling and channeling a major percentage of imported diamonds to United States customers. Situated only blocks away from Times Square, Rockefeller Center and the Theater district, you won't find a lack of things to see or do. Window shop Loose Diamonds, Pre-Set Engagement Rings or consult with a custom jewelry designer.

Boston also boasts a bustling diamond district situated in the center of the Downtown Crossing. Most jewelry shops are located on Washington Street which is also home to Boston's Jewelry Exchange Building. Store employees are trained to work with casual browsers and visitors as well as serious buyers and operate more as consultants than as sales pushers. Many stores will offer short Diamond Tutorials on how to find the best diamond Wedding Rings on a budget.

Las Vegas, one of the most popular vacation spots, is also a major destination for shoppers- specifically, couples looking to elope. It's a great place to find an affordable Diamond Engagement Ring before heading off to say your Elvis "I-do"s. There are a number of outlet stores, malls and hotels of every kind that feature high-end jewelry for all diamond lovers. The range in quality and in price is extremely wide, so make sure to find a trustworthy retailer before taking the leap.

But, wait! There's more. Check out the buzz on Atlanta, Chicago, St. Louis,Los Angeles, Houston and more. You might be surprised to find that even cities like San Francisco and Baltimore have charming streets and attractive neighborhoods filled with diamond stores and jewelry boutiques. We'll give you a short overview on these various cities and a brief glance into their diamond retail hot spots. So whether you're planning on taking a trip or looking to stay close to home, you'll be able to find a dependable diamond dealer with our helping hand.