Men's Jewelry

High style, luxury and fashion are not for women alone. Zoara is proud to present our handsome and distinctive men's jewelry collection featuring styles for every occasion and look.

Men's Rings

From classic, wedding bands to modern, diamond-studded designs, browse through Zoara's collection of men's rings and find the perfect design to suit your taste.

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Men's Bracelets

Our striking collection of men's bracelets includes sturdy cuffs as well as gold and silver chains. Accent your look with a perfectly smart men's bracelet.

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Men's Earrings

Whether you are looking for a classic pair of diamonds studs or a simple pair of silver hoops, Zoara's men's earrings will keep you in style.

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Men's Necklaces & Pendants

Zoara's impressive collection of men's necklaces & pendants features everything from gold or sterling silver chains, to faith-inspired pendants.

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Men's Jewelry

Rings, earrings and necklaces don't have to say dainty and delicate. At Zoara, you'll find an unbeatable selection of men's rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings made by master craftsmen with only the highest quality materials.

Men's Wedding Rings are of course the most common piece of men's jewelry. For many men, the wedding ring is the first piece of serious jewelry they ever wear. Men's wedding rings can range from heavy to light, thin to thick, extravagant to simple. However, wedding rings are certainly not the end of the road for any man who wants to strut in style. At you can find the perfect piece of men's jewelry to accent any look.

Men's jewelry is not all about Wedding Rings. The right piece can add a magnificent accent to a masculine wardrobe. A man who chooses his jewelry carefully gives the impression of an individual who takes control and pays attention to detail. Be confident, get noticed and impress your colleagues; and don't be reluctant to don a diamond ring. In fact, men's diamond Engagement Rings are growing in popularity these days. More and more women are gifting their men with a timeless expression of their love and commitment. Additionally, the explosion of hip-hop jewelry has brought out the distinctly fierce side of Men's Rings, Men's Necklaces and Men's Bracelets. Add some ice to your three-piece-suit with a diamond pendant. Look smart with a solid silver chain necklace. Stud Earrings are also one hundred percent unisex and can make any man look classy and mod. In fact, the right pair of Men's Earrings can accentuate your unique character and add just the right amount of masculinity with a touch of elegance.

Men's Bracelets or Eternity Necklaces can also make fabulous gifts. For the woman who doesn't know what to buy her man, a handsome contemporary piece of men's jewelry will be sure to make her man feel strong and loved. Why not spoil him with a piece of timeless luxury? An engraved name tag bracelet is personal, tasteful and versatile and a bold chain necklace is an ideal go-to gift. So, take a look at our Jewelry Learning Center and at Zoara's superb collection of impressive luxurious designs at affordable prices. You'll be sure to find something classy, clean, and handsomely stylish.

Learn About Men’s Jewelry

Contrary to popular belief, the world of men’s jewelry is vast and extensive. Today, men’s jewelry is available in a wide array of metals, designs and styles that range from casual to formal and subtle to eye-catching. The right piece of jewelry is out there for every man. You just need to know what you’re looking for.

Men’s Jewelry Metals

Men’s jewelry typically features unique metals that are less popular with women. In addition to the classic gold, platinum and silver, men’s jewelry frequently incorporates tungsten, stainless steel, and titanium.


Tungsten is the only jewelry metal that retains its polish permanently being extremely strong and extremely hard. While this makes resizing tungsten rings quite problematic, many men see tungsten as durable jewelry metal that can be worn every day without requiring much maintenance or care.


Titanium is popular to use in men’s jewelry due to its extreme durability, purity, and hypoallergenic qualities.  Because it is frequently used to craft surgical implants, surgical tools and new technologies, it is associated with strength and practicality.  Titanium is entirely impervious to environmental conditions and offers a darker, grayer and duller metal color than platinum or white gold.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel offers an even grayer and dimmer metal color than titanium, with far less shine. Similar to titanium stainless steel is extremely strong and durable; however it doesn’t offer the same purity or hypoallergenic qualities as titanium.

Men’s Jewelry Items

Men’s jewelry is frequently thicker, heavier and simpler in design than women’s jewelry. Most popular men’s jewelry items feature minimal geometric design, plain metals and raw or brushed materials. However, this is not a standard nor a rule. Men’s diamond jewelry, hip hop jewelry and ornate gemstone jewelry which feature more decorative designs are also quite common.

Men’s Necklaces and Pendants

Men’s necklaces and pendants are typically 20 inches in length, hitting just at the collarbone.  Simple chain necklaces such as the Figaro chain and the rope chain and simple pendants such as the dog tag or cross pendant are extremely popular

Men’s Bracelets

Men’s bracelets are frequently made from leather, wood or durable metals. The cuff bracelet and the link bracelet which are both simple and durable are two of the most popular men’s bracelet designs. Cuff bracelets are frequently engraved and may be encrusted with precious gemstones, while men’s link bracelets are typically worn plain.

Men’s Ring

Of course, the most popular men’s ring is the standard gold wedding ring. With the growing popularity of the men’s wedding ring, the greater arena of the men’s ring has widened. Today men’s rings have evolved to encompass a wide variety of styles and designs making it easier for men to find rings of all kinds for all occasions and all looks. 

Men’s Earrings

Men’s earrings are characteristically smaller and simpler than women’s earrings. The diamond stud and the metal hoop or huggie earring are extremely popular men’s accessories. Being small and subtle but attractive, a men’s earring has become a basic men’s jewelry accessory.

More Information

To learn more about men’s jewelry, feel free to visit our Learning Center  where you’ll find informational materials on Rings, Earrings, Men’s Wedding Rings and more. 

If you would like to speak with a Zoara customer service representative directly, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.  We are happy to help you with whatever you need.