Gift Certificates

Can't decide on what to buy for that special occasion? Indeed choosing a specific jewelry item for your loved one could be a difficult task. There is always the concern that your special someone is not going to like it, and naturally you don't want to disappoint.

To help you avoid making any gift faux pas, Zoara proudly offers our customers online gift vouchers. Simply enter the precise sum you wish to give, and voila! Your gift certificate will be sent to your recipient via email or regular mail according to your indicated preference. Once the gift certificate is recieved, it can be used immediately.

Your gift recipient will be able to browse through our wide collection of jewelry at their leisure and choose a jewelry item according to their preferences.

Here's How It Works:
We encourage you to Contact Us so that our dedicated customer service representatives will be able to assist you and answer all your questions beforehand. You will then need to provide the following information in order to purchase the gift certificate:

  1. Your full name, address and credit card information. Note that all sensitive information is protected by SSL, the safest way of transmitting classified information online

  2. Name, e-mail address and home address of the person you wish to send the gift certificate to

  3. A personal message as an addition to your gift certificate (this is optional)

  4. Specify by which means you would like the certificate to be sent. You may either choose to send it via e-mail or alternatively via regular mail. We strongly recommend sending your certificate via e-mail in order to avoid potential postal mishaps

You will receive a confirmation number once the gift certificate is sent.

Normally, gift certificates are sent out 1 day after the purchase, but it could sometimes take up to 3 business working days. Please specify whether your certificate needs to be rushed so we could handle it accordingly.

Say goodbye to those present-buying dilemmas with a Zoara gift certificate.


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