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A common misconception with less than experienced diamond and jewelry customers is that one needs to travel far and wide in order to find a high quality, high end piece of jewelry. Most customers will be surprised by the plethora of impressive diamond and jewelry centers available across the United States.  Zoara has compiled a list of a wealth of high end diamond, precious gemstone and jewelry stores found in major US cities.


Take a closer look at the city many refer to as the New York of the South.

Atlanta Jewelry>


Explore the capital of the great state of Texas.

Austin Jewelry>


They don't call it Charm City for nothing.

Baltimore Jewelry >

Beverly Hills

Luxury, indulgence, excitement and excess.

Beverly Hills Jewelry>


Come visit this beautiful, multicultural city.

Birmingham Jewelry>


There's more to Boston than its rich US history.

Boston Jewelry>


Learn all about the Queen City.

Buffalo Jewelry>


There is more to this city than its magnificent autumn.

Charlotte Jewelry>


Let the windy city blow you away.

Chicago Jewelry>


Discover more about this beautiful waterfront city.

Cincinnati Jewelry>


Explore this city of fine arts.

Cleveland Jewelry>


Learn all about this historic city and its attractions.

Columbus Jewelry>


There's more to this city than its lively people and its legendary sport teams.

Dallas Jewelry>


The mile high city boasts a wealth of exciting attractions.

Denver Jewelry>


Learn all about this city's fascinating history and culture.

Detroit Jewelry>


Home to more than Hollywood glamour.

Hollywood Jewelry>


Visit this exciting cultural hub.

Houston Jewelry>


Get your heart racing by exploring this incredible city.

Indianapolis Jewelry >


This city's beautiful architecture is not its only asset.

Jacksonville Jewelry >

Kansas City

Explore this exciting city and learn all about its wonderful attractions.

Kansas City Jewelry>

Jewelry by City A-K

With diamond mines spanning the globe, from South Africa to Canada, high end, high quality loose diamonds, precious gemstones and jewelry pieces are available at major jewelry centers all over the world. The US is one such a diamond and jewelry hub, making high end diamond encrusted jewelry accessible for its denizens.

The New York Diamond District, for example, boasts close to three thousand independent loose diamond and precious gemstone vendors working in its confines. The New York Diamond District is irrefutably one of the most prestigious diamond centers located in the United States, trading in a large percentage of imported diamonds and precious gemstones. Located mere blocks away from, Rockefeller Center, the diamond district offers its customers an incredible variety of amazing loose gemstones and jewelry pieces to choose from, from diamond encrusted engagement rings to precious gemstone set wedding rings, earrings and bracelets, the diamond district has it all.

New York City is just one of the major diamond and jewelry centers found across the United States of America. Boston is also known for its bustling diamond district located in the midst of the Downtown Crossing. Its casual setting is perfect for customers who are just browsing as well as for more serious customers, retailers and traders.

Joining New York City and Boston in their incredible diamond districts are Atlanta, Houston, Seattle, St. Louis, Las Vegas and Chicago, just to name a few. Zoara has compiled a comprehensive list of diamond centers found across the US. Our jewelry stores listings are designed to help our valued customers find the perfect high end, high quality pieces of jewelry available in their immediate areas.

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