Engagement Ring - How much to spend?

So the big decision has been made. You have decided to propose to the girl that you love, and stun her with the perfect diamond ring. However, you have no idea of how much to spend on the engagement ring.

Friends, family and the internet will probably provide a wealth of information, some of it useful and helpful, while some of it not. You have probably heard the “2 month’s salary” rule, positing the tradition of spending a large amount of money towards engagement rings.

While some in the engagement ring industry welcome those sorts of traditions for obvious reasons, the truth is that you can achieve a beautiful, excellent quality and stunning diamond engagement ring for a fraction of the price.

The fact is you’re soon to be fianc? probably doesn’t know how much to spend on an engagement ring either, and therefore you probably won’t need to meet any expectations. In fact, she would probably appreciate you using the difference that you would saving towards a more “noble” cause, such as your house payment or you soon-to-be wedding.

You can also spend slightly less on the engagement ring and at the same time purchase a beautiful wedding band, which is really thoughtful, as it symbolizes commitment.

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