Customize Your Ring

Can’t find what you are looking for?

Do you have a special design in mind? Are you looking for a specific setting or mounting? Maybe you’ve found the perfect Zoara ring but want to alter a detail here or there, swap a setting, or see it finished just so. If you can’t find your ideal ring from among the products in our wedding rings or engagement rings collections, we offer you the opportunity to custom design your ring with our expert in-house jewelers.

How does it work? 

Step 1: Give Us the Details!

If you’d like to create a unique custom design for your wedding band or engagement ring, Contact Us today to get started! Either call our Customer Support Department or email us at to send a picture of a similar ring, upload your own sketch of your unique ring, and/or describe the unique design in detail. You can also refer to your favorite Zoara ring’s product number, and tell us how you picture it differently.
Step 2: Zoara 3D Rendering and/or Wax Model

Zoara’s team of expert jewelers will take your idea, your picture and your description and work to sharpen and polish it. We will respond to your request with either an original 3D rendering of your unique ring design, a wax model or both, depending on the complexity of the customization requested. Please note that a $100 deposit (to be deducted from the purchase price upon order completion) may be requested for this service. Zoara will also provide a comprehensive and competitive quote of how much it will cost to create your dream design.
Step 3: The Go Ahead

Once you give us the go ahead with your approval of our 3D rendering or wax model, we get started on creating your dream ring. Our expert jewelers cast and fashion your custom design out of only the highest quality materials to meet the standards of our in-house Quality Control Team.

Step 4: Dream Come True

When your custom-designed ring is complete, we inspect it, engrave it with our exclusive Zoara signature, photograph it, package it up and FedEx it straight to your door.

If you’re looking for the perfect wedding or anniversary band to match an engagement ring you already own, visit our Complete Your Set page to see how Zoara can help you make the perfect jewelry set today.

If you prefer to Customize Your Ring with a Customer Support Representative, we invite you to e-mail us the above information at or call us to speak with a Zoara representative directly.