Three Carat Diamonds

What is a Three Carat Diamond?

Diamond weight and relative size is measured by a standardized unit called the carat(ct). Three carat diamonds weigh the equivalent of 600 milligrams, or 3/10 gram.

The Standard

Three carat diamonds are far beyond the one carat diamond engagement ring standard in size, price and rarity. Diamonds that weight over one carat are quite rare already, making the three carat diamond an exclusive and valuable item.

What About Size?

Diamond carat weight is not necessarily correlated with the size and general appearance of a diamond. A two carat diamond may not always appear larger than a 1.98ct diamond.

To maximize the size of your three carat diamond, measure the distance across the top of the diamond (in round cuts, the diameter) for an idea of how large the stone will appear face up. Diamonds with a better cut grade also have high light return, making them appear brighter and sometimes larger. Finally, certain settings, like the halo setting, can make the center stone diamond appear to be bigger.

Three Carat Diamond Prices

The price of a diamond jumps significantly at every one carat mark being that larger diamonds are far more rare and far more valuable. Therefore, a three carat diamond is an especially beautiful and precious investment. Three carat diamond prices typically start in the $15,000 range and, depending on their color, cut, and clarity.

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