The term “Hearts and Arrows” refers to round brilliant diamonds with the facets arranged so that eight symmetrical arrows appear in the face-up position and eight symmetrical hearts appear when viewed in the table-down position. The Hearts and Arrow cut technique was developed in Japan in the 1980s. The pattern was actually discovered by accident, when someone noticed a clear pattern of hearts and arrows while looking at a round brilliant diamond. Heart and Arrows Diamonds entered the US market in 1997 and were shown to be far superior in cut, proportions and polishing than those produced in the US.

Today, it is common practice for most skilled diamond cutters to try and cut their round diamonds to meet Hearts and Arrows standards. This is because such diamonds command a higher price tag, and the diamond cutters can sell their stones for a higher cost. Hearts and Arrows diamonds, therefore, are not reserved to Japan anymore, and can be found anywhere across the globe.

What should I consider when choosing a Hearts and Arrows diamond:

  • Hearts and Arrows Diamonds requires a nearly perfectly round diamond with an extremely high level of cut and symmetry (Excellent or Ideal). Symmetrical imperfections can ruin the pattern.
  • Even if the diamond has an Excellent cut, the table and depth percentages of the diamond should fall within the Tolkowsky Ideal Cut parameters, which are generally agreed on today as Table: 53-57% and Depth: 59-62%.
  • The Hearts and Arrows pattern is most visible when viewed through a special optical instrument or through an Ideal-Scope. However, the arrows viewed from the top can be seen under standard lighting with magnification. In a large diamond, the pattern is generally visible to the naked eye.
  • Important! A hearts and arrows diamond will not necessarily be more brilliant than another diamond with equal parameters but that is not a Hearts and Arrows stone. Hearts and Arrows merely refers to a visual effect, and should be considered a bonus rather than the key characteristic in choosing your diamond. With that said, if your diamond is a Hearts and Arrows stone, it is guaranteed to be a highly brilliant stone and in the upper 95% of round cut diamonds on the market.
  • When viewing our Real Diamond Photo selection, please bear in mind that in order for the Hearts and Arrows effect to be displayed in the image, the diamond photo must be taken perfectly straight which is hard to achieve without special equipment. In addition, the diamond photos will only show the upper portion, meaning that you can only see the arrows portion and not the hearts.
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