Four Carat Diamond

What is a 4 Carat Diamond?

A diamond's carat (ct) weight signifies its size. A 4 carat diamond weighs the equivalent of 800 milligrams, or 0.80 gram.

The Standard

Valued for their incredible appearance, 4 carat diamonds are considered especially rare due to their astounding size and are therefore reserved for high-end, luxury pieces. While one carat diamonds are the standard when it comes to engagement ring and wedding band center stones, 4 carat diamonds are typically used in grandiose, one of a kind wedding band and engagement ring designs.

What About Size?

A diamond's carat weight may not be accurately reflected in its appearance. In fact, 4 carat diamonds may appear smaller or larger than their actual carat weight, depending on the diamond in question's cut grade. Generally speaking, a diamond with a higher cut grade may appear larger while a diamond with a low cut grade may appear smaller than its actual size. Cut grades influence the amount of light reflected off of the diamond's surfaces and a good cut will maximize the light reflected, thus enhancing the diamond's overall appearance.

To get a good idea of how a diamond would look set face up, simply measure the distance across the widest surface of the diamond, usually consisting of the diamond's crown (or its top).

Four Carat Diamond Prices?

Diamond prices go up every carat half mark. Consequently, one can expect a 4 carat diamonds to be significantly more costly than the standard one carat diamond. However, what a 4 carat diamond lacks in terms of its affordability, it more than makes up for in appearance as 4 carat diamonds are known for imbuing a piece of jewelry with glamour and elegance.

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