Like all precious objects, diamonds require proper care and protection. Although diamonds are considered to be the strongest natural matter on earth, they are still susceptible to cracking, dulling and even breaking. Dirt, dust, grease, and soap scum can leave a grimy film coating, and any forceful impact could potentially shatter the stone. In order to keep your diamond shining like new, it's important to protect it and clean it periodically.

Protect Your Diamond

Zoara recommends that you remove your diamond jewelry when engaging in any type of activity that might dirty or endanger the stone. These activities might include washing dishes, gardening, playing sports, or going to the beach.  When you remove your jewelry, be sure to store it in a soft individual pouch, felt or leather-lined box.  This will both help protect your diamond jewelry as well as help you to avoid misplacing the your valuable investment.

We also recommend that you bring your diamond jewelry to a local jeweler once or twice a year to check the mountings, settings, and stones, and to have your diamond professionally cleaned.

While Zoara's Quality Control Team inspects every diamond setting that leaves our hands, choosing strong sturdy settings such as bezel settings, can also help protect the diamond from damage. We invite you to Contact Us if you have any questions or concerns about the various diamond settings available at Zoara.

Clean Your Diamond Jewelry

Cleaning your diamond jewelry is a simple and straightforward task which you can do at home using regular, safe, household products.  

  1. Create a warm, mild, soapy solution by mixing liquid soap, dish-washing liquid, or detergent with warm water. Do not use chlorine detergent. 

  2. Soak your diamond in the solution.

  3. If necessary, use a soft brush to clean small crevices. Do not use rough or metal bristles. Toothbrushes work the best.

  4. Rinse the diamond jewelry in warm water.  You may place the ring in a strainer so as not to drop it.

  5. Use a clean, dry, lint-free cloth to dry your diamond jewelry.

There are also a number of jewelry cleaning kits and cleaning solutions on the market. If you choose to buy a kit or solution, be sure that it is the correct solution for the jewelry you wish to clean.  Read the directions carefully and follow the listed instructions.

Diamond Insurance

Another important way to protect your diamond against damage, theft or loss is to insure your diamond. We invite you to visit our Insurance information page for more details.

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