Why Buy Zoara

Simple. Professional. Enjoyable. This is the Zoara Way. Our intent is to provide an exceptional online retail store for diamonds and jewelry that reflects our company's core principles, and a vision founded upon a resolute belief in Education, Quality, Value and Customer Service.


Zoara is dedicated to offering its customers diamonds and jewelry of the most superior quality. This is ensured on two fronts. First, our suppliers provide diamonds that have been certified by the GIA , the diamond industry's leader in diamond quality certification. Second, our in-house team of Certified Gemologists, Certified Gemologist Appraisers and Registered Jewelers provide a further professional guarantee of quality. At Zoara, compromising on quality is simply not an option; every single item that leaves our shipping center has been individually inspected for adherence to our exceptional quality standards.


At Zoara our goal is to provide you with the largest possible selection of diamonds and fine jewelry, at the lowest possible cost. Because Zoara's founders and management have extensive experience in the various branches of the diamond industry, from gemology and raw trade to design and manufacturing, we can offer our customers a unique advantage. Essentially, by bypassing intermediaries in the sales, design and distribution process, we can offer you considerable savings on your next diamond or jewelry purchase.

Customer Service

Our commitment to education, quality and value are supported by the backbone of our business: an unwavering dedication to Customer Service. Our customer service department is comprised of a team of professionally trained and certified individuals ready to answer your questions or welcome your feedback regarding any matter from payment options, to diamond insurance and carat weight. Simply Contact Us. We are glad to offer our services via phone, email, or live chat, and look forward to hearing from you soon.


At Zoara we are committed to helping you, our customers, make educated, well-informed decisions regarding your next diamond or jewelry purchase. We understand that for diamond-buying novices, investing in a diamond can seem like an overwhelming, daunting endeavor, and we are intent upon providing you with the information and education you'll need in order to make your decision. We are proud to offer our customers a plethora of Diamond Education pages, which range from user-friendly texts about the 4Cs, to diagrams, tutorials and articles regarding the industry's Diamond Certification standards.