Secure Shopping

At Zoara we realize the natural apprehension that our valued customers may feel regarding online shopping for diamonds and jewelry. That is why we are fully committed to making your shopping experience an easy, pleasant and safe one. To make you feel comfortable about purchasing your jewelry through our website, we have implemented several security measures that meet and exceed industry security standards for online shopping.

Credit Cards
Zoara gladly accepts all major credit cards to complete your order at checkout. For a full list of credit cards and more detailed information, please visit our Payment Options page. Most credit cards implement their own security features. While Zoara certainly does not rely on these features as a sole security measure, we encourage you to contact your Credit Card Company or card-issuing bank for details regarding the security of your card. As a consumer you should be protected by your bank and/or Credit Card Company from billing errors and unauthorized charges.

Zoara employs McAfee SECURE™ to keep our site secure and ensure that all transactions and communications remain safe and protected.  McAfee, the world’s largest security technology company, offers state-of-the-art solutions to defend consumers and shield business from fraud, phishing scams, spyware, malicious websites and more.  Zoara’s McAfee SECURE™ certificate confirms that our website has passed McAfee’s thorough, daily security scans, protecting you from links to dangerous sites, personal information vulnerability and other online threats.

Better Business Bureau®
Zoara is proudly accredited by the BBB, having met the BBBs accreditations standards following the organization’s Code of Business Practices. These standards include a dedication to resolving any consumer grievance; and to be honest, transparent and professional in all of our consumer transactions. The BBB constantly monitors and evaluates their accredited businesses to ensure that they continue to meet these business standards.

VeriSign Extended Validation SSL Verification (EV SSL)

Zoara EV SSL

Zoara is dedicated to providing its customers with the most comfortable shopping experience possible. This is why our site is protected with VeriSign Extended Validation SSL Verification (EV SSL). EV SSL provides you, our valued customer, with a visual indicator that your online transactions are safe and that your internet connection is securely encrypted. While different browsers may display this security certification slightly differently, the basic SSL Verification indication appears in nearly all updated high-security browsers (ex: Explorer 7 , Mozilla 3) as a green lit address bar, or green band to the left of the site address.

What is EV SSL?
SSL verification has been used for years by millions of websites and its gold locked key which appears in the address bar is most likely familiar to most internet users. However, EV SSL has improved upon the old e-merchant identity and security verification system. While the old SSL had no standardized requirements for obtaining a certificate, EV SSL involves a more extensive verification process than any other verification certificate available on the internet. In order to obtain an EV SSL, websites must provide their Certification Authority (CA) with proof of their government filed legal company status, their incorporation registration number, their place of business, business name, and contact information at minimum. This information is reviewed and confirmed before a verification certificate is issued by any CA.

To review the credentials of any EV SSL verified e-merchant, simply click on the green address bar and a small window will appear with the registered name, address, certificate authority and a link that will provide you with further details. These details include encryption specifics, a preview of the complete validation certificate, website cookies, and more.

Green: The Mark of Security
E-merchants who provide their business credentials and neglect to provide their domain credentials to their CA may still obtain a VeriSign EV SSL. However, this EV SSL will appear as a blue lit address bar or blue bar to the left of the site address. These e-merchants have disclosed required documents verifying their legitimate company status, however, their domain identities have not been validated. At Zoara, we believe it is important for our customers to feel 100% secure with their purchase and confident with their e-transaction. For this reason, we invest in the green EV SSL and disclose all relevant information. The green address bar is the benchmark of complete security.

Contact Us
If you have any questions or concerns about Secure Shopping with Zoara, our Customer Service representatives are here for you and ready to explain how online shopping with Zoara can be a safe, easy and convenient experience.