Women's Wedding Rings

Learn About Women’s Wedding Rings

Women’s wedding rings have been a time honored tradition for nearly 5,000 years. Originating in ancient Egypt, the first wedding rings were made of grass and straw. The evolution of women’s wedding rings throughout history has led to a ring fashioned from precious metal, often featuring diamonds.

Shopping for Women’s Wedding Rings

In present day society, there is a wide array of women’s wedding rings available to the modern bride. In the process of making this important jewelry decision, consumers would be well advised to focus on selecting comfortable, high quality women’s wedding rings that suit their personal style. After all, with any luck a woman’s wedding ring is to be worn for the rest of her days.

Metal Type

Given that the metal type of women’s wedding rings greatly influences both the look and feel of the band, educating oneself on the elements of each metal type is highly recommended. To learn about Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium, see our Precious Metals Guide. It seems that women’s wedding rings in 14 - 18 karat gold are the most popular choice, since this metal type provides relative affordability, quality, and diversity.

Platinum and Palladium Women's Wedding Rings

However, platinum women’s wedding rings are steadily becoming a first class choice for women who find the platinum sheen irresistible and rank durability and value at the top of their wedding ring priority list. Much like platinum women’s wedding rings, palladium women’s wedding rings are crafted from a 95% pure precious metal that is virtually scratch resistant, with the added value of being hypo-allergenic and lighter than platinum.


As for women’s wedding ring style, many women choose to wear classic women’s wedding ring designs in their quest for traditional timelessness. These wedding rings also offer the added advantage of being a mutually pleasing choice for couples that prefer matching wedding rings. Nonetheless, most women favor wedding rings with carvings, diamonds, eternity rings, or diamond wedding sets, which include matching engagement rings and wedding rings.

The Two Tone Women's Wedding Ring

Two tone women’s wedding rings offer the best of both worlds by fusing minimalism with distinction. Molded from twin shades of gold, two tone women’s wedding rings are meant to signify the joining of two people in love and unity. Carved women’s wedding rings provide an air of originality and individuality.

The Diamond Women's Wedding Ring

Diamond women’s wedding rings are the ultimate option for women who want their wedding rings to capture the symbolic significance of both the perfect never-ending circle and the hardest gemstone known to man. Hence, diamond women’s wedding rings serve to represent everlasting love in the strongest sense of the term. Eternity rings are another fashionable option offered under the umbrella term of diamond women’s wedding rings. Eternity Rings feature diamonds around the full circumference of the band, or on the upper segment of the band in the case of half eternity rings. Diamond Women’s Wedding Sets are comprised of engagement rings and wedding rings that are specially designed to interlock, offering a stunningly seamless effect.

More Information

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