Flat 6mm Wedding Band in 14k White Gold

Catalog ID: D9921
This flat 6mm wedding band is crafted from 14 karat white gold in a sleek, traditional design. The smooth flat edges of the band ensure maximum comfortable wear.
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Setting Information
Product ID RGST44034-6-W-14
Metal Type 14k White Gold
Width 6mm
Rhodium Yes
Customer Reviews
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Based on 6 customer reviews
Beautiful wedding band
I'm so happy with my beautiful new wedding band...it's just what I was looking for when my wife, Virginia, and I went out to get our rings. She wanted mine to look like it belonged with hers, and then we found this gorgeous wedding band. It's just what I was hoping for, and apparently it's what Virginia was hoping for, too. It's so great to find a ring that satisfies both of our desires, and it really made planning it all out easy. I would definitely recommend this great company to anyone who is buying jewelry of any kind... Everyone was so helpful, the service was great. The ring looks just like I was hoping it would look like. Thank you so much Zoara!
Author: Jason H.
Classic design
This is the ideal wedding ring. And I had no idea a wedding ring could be so reasonably priced. Great site, thanks.
Author: Hal
Very satisfied
This ring is simple but flawless. I hate all the fancy and extravagant wedding bands with diamonds and ugly carvings, so I was so happy to find this simple and traditional piece.
Author: Jamie T.
Love the ring
and love being married ;-)
Author: Tim T.
Nice and simple
Great as a men's wedding ring - not to obnoxious or flashy.
Author: Adrian C.
Traditional and classy
What a wedding ring should be, no more and no less. Great craftsmanship and price, and it arrived before I could have second thoughts! Not that I had any;)!!
Author: Marc R.
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