Grooved Two Tone Wedding Band in 14k White & Yellow Gold

Catalog ID: D10755
This unique two tone gold wedding band is crafted from 14 karat white and yellow gold. The band is a comfort fit band with a special design which illuminates the beauty of both metals.
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Setting Information
Product ID RGST44000A-TT-14
Metal Type 14K Two or Three Tone
Width 4.5mm
Rhodium Yes
Customer Reviews
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Based on 5 customer reviews
nice and modest
I was looking for a ring with a little less girth than most men's wedding rings. This one is perfect - It's got a lot of character but is very understated and subtle.
Author: Vic S.
I'm not a fan of the fancy, blingy rings many men wear today. Which is why this ring is awesome - it's flashy, but is noticeable and still very nice.
Author: Jackolantern125
awesome ring for a great guy
This ring was a surprise for my fiance and he was surprised. It looks good on him too!
Author: Jenna's Mom
groovy ring
Yes. this ring is quite groovy. The two shades of gold make it look way cool and it kinda looks like a Lord of the Rings Ring, without the elf writing. Either way, I like it and my fiance is awesome for getting it for me.
Author: Kyle
Man pretty, anyway. I bought this one for my Husband after surfing a bunch of sites and coming up empty handed. He was surprised when I gave it to him. We're both quite happy with it.
Author: Gina L
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