Beveled Edge Wedding Band in 14k White Gold

Catalog ID: D10285
This 14 karat white gold wedding band is designed for functionality. The beveled edges and polished finish make this ring durable, sturdy and easy to wear.
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Setting Information
Product ID RGST44012-W-14
Metal Type 14k White Gold
Width 6mm
Rhodium Yes
Customer Reviews
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Based on 5 customer reviews
Perfect for engraving
Nice ring. Perfect for engraving on the inside thanks to its width. We had a whole verse engraved inside and still had room for our names and dates.
Author: Willow
Surprisingly comfortable
I've never worn jewelry before, least of all a ring, but I find this ring surprisingly comfortable to wear.
Author: Josh Ryerson
Got this ring for my husband for our wedding. He won't admit he loves it cause he's too macho to love jewelry, but I catch him admiring it all the time.
Author: samantha kennes
not one for rings
but this one is great. glad i've got it for life. don't tell my wife!
Author: lifer
He loves it
My husband loves this ring, he is a manly man and rarely dresses up, so I am surprised that he never wants to take the ring off - how sweet is he?
Author: Sherri Hanes
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