Men’s Honeycomb Wedding Ring in Two Tone Gold

Catalog ID: D399887
Unique men's wedding ring in two tone yellow gold featuring a one of a kind white gold honey comb center framed by a milgrain edge.
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Setting Information
Product ID RGNY276B-TTY-14
Metal Type 14K Two or Three Tone
Width 7mm
Customer Reviews
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Really Cool Design
I really wasn't sure about this ring, but my fiance really liked it. So we ordered it expecting that if we didnt like it we could just return it, which the customer service person assured us would be no problem. We got the ring after only a few days and as it turns out the ring is actually really cool. My fiance says it is really comfortable and it looks really nice on. A good find!
Author: mike&em10.11
This is a great ring - A friend of mine has something really similar and I was really happy to have found something like it. The price was suprisingly affordable as i'm sure my buddy paid twice the amount I paid for mine. They even had my ring size.
Author: AC
Bees not included
Such a unique design. My husband loves being outside, and the honeycomb name and design just spoke to me. He loved the idea and the ring. Luckily there weren't any bees with it!
Author: Kaylinn
I love how colorful this ring is. I have a similar one and so when my husband and I were renwing our vows, I decided to surprise him with this ring. Now, once again we have a pair of lovely matching rings!
Author: renewal
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