Men's Wedding Rings

Learn About Men's Wedding Rings

In modern day society, the exchange of wedding vows is commemorated by an exchange of wedding rings by both man and wife, but this was not always the case. The history of men’s wedding rings does not hark back to antiquity, but is rather steeped in modern times. In ancient times, wedding rings signified a man’s ownership of his wife and served as a symbol of everlasting love. Men’s wedding rings first came into being in the mid-twentieth century, during the 2nd World War. At the time, it was a jewelry trend for men to wear wedding rings in honor of the wives who awaited them at home. The trend caught on, gaining in popularity by the time of the Korean War, and men’s wedding rings have been the norm ever since.

Shopping for Men’s Wedding Rings

When attempting to navigate the world of men’s wedding rings, it is important to keep the issues of comfort, metal, and style in mind.


For many men, a men’s wedding ring is the only item of jewelry they aim to wear on a daily basis, which is why comfort is key. If a piece of jewelry does not fit comfortably, the chances of a person actually wearing it day after day decrease significantly. Hence, it is crucial for comfort to be a priority in selecting men’s wedding bands.

Metal Type

Since the metal type of men’s wedding rings has a direct impact on the quality of the band it is important to be familiar with the properties of each metal type. For specific information on Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium, see our Precious Metals Guide. Apparently, 14 karat – 18 karat gold men’s wedding rings rank first in popularity as they offer both high quality and variety, with the options of white gold, yellow gold, and two or three tone gold.

Platinum and Palladium Men's Wedding Rings

Platinum men’s wedding rings have become a top choice for men who prefer the platinum sheen, durability and invaluable density, and don’t mind that it is heavier than gold or silver. Palladium men’s wedding rings are the choice of those seeking a hypo-allergenic option that shares many of the same properties as platinum, like its purity, shine and durability, yet prefer a lighter wedding ring.


Regarding the style options for men’s wedding rings, it appears that most men opt for simple, classic men’s wedding ring designs, which can also serve to be matching wedding rings for them and their partners. Yet those with a bolder fashion sense tend to want to add a bit of embellishment to their wedding rings with carvings, milgrain designs, hammered accents, geometric designs or Celtic wedding rings.

Two tone Wedding Ring for Men

Two tone men’s wedding rings provide a combination of simplicity and personalization, depending on the specific choice of ring design. Made from two shades of gold, two tone wedding rings are meant to symbolize the merging of two lives together. Carved men’s wedding rings offer a spirit of creativity, made to suit the personal taste of the individual.

The Diamond Men's Wedding Ring

Diamond men’s wedding rings are the ideal option for men who are willing to make a statement with their wedding bands. Diamond wedding rings are often either half-eternity rings with a row of diamonds set across the face of the band or diamond rings that offer geometric designs. Solitaire diamond rings usually feature a bezel setting, as it is the ring setting that offers the best protection for the center stone.

More Information

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