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Wedding Ring Guide

The exchange of wedding rings between husband and wife has become a traditional way to celebrate the bond between husband and wife. Today, wedding rings range in style from simple and small to large and ornate. While different cultures have their own unique traditions, the wedding ring can be found in various forms all over the world.

History of the Wedding Ring

The tradition of the wedding ring dates back thousands of years.  The circular shape of the ring has been adopted by various cultures as a symbol of eternity, purity and perfection.  It’s only natural that today, the circular wedding ring, with no beginning and no end, has come to represent the never ending bond of marriage.  

Early Beginnings

In ancient Egypt, the oldest known wedding rings made from grass and straw, were placed on wrists, ankles, and toes as well as fingers. It was believed that placing these rings on one’s extremities kept life trapped within the body and helped prolong life. The Egyptians also believed that a special vein flowed from the fourth finger on the left hand directly to the heart. This belief, which was adopted by the Greeks as well as the Romans, is the foundation for the tradition of wearing the wedding ring on the third finger of the left hand.

Wedding Ring Evolution

While early wedding rings were usually part of a woman’s dowry or a symbol of the husband’s ownership, the tradition slowly evolved. By the year 200, the wedding ring had been solidified as essential to the Jewish marriage ceremony and in 800 the Christian church integrated the exchange of wedding rings into their ceremony. As Christianity spread, so did the tradition of wedding rings.  In the Middle East, wives were gifted puzzle rings to keep them faithful. These rings fell apart if they were removed and were difficult to put back together if one didn’t know the special way.  In 16th century Europe, the poesy ring became a popular take on the wedding ring, featuring love poems and romantic words engraved into the metal band.

Today’s Wedding Rings

Until the mid 1900s, it was traditional for only women to wear wedding rings. All of this changed at the onset of World War II when young men, being shipped off to war, wanted to remain symbolically tied to their wives at home. The men’s wedding ring quickly grew in popularity and by the Korean War it’s estimated that approximately 20% of weddings in the United States were “double ring” ceremonies.

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