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Pittsburgh Jewelry

Pittsburgh is known primarily for steel production and its bridges.  Zoara is proud to offer Pittsburgh jewelry shoppers exquisite jewelry pieces like engagement rings and wedding rings in this city on the Ohio River known for its steel mills and covered bridges as well as being the birthplace of pop culture.

Pittsburgh is the home of pop culture and there are museums dedicated to pop culture icons, such as the Andy Warhol museum, which includes jewelry pieces Pittsburgh jewelry shoppers will enjoy.  Pittsburgh also lays claim to being the birthplace of the Big Mac and the Ferris wheel as well as the first commercial TV and radio stations.History fans will also find plenty to do in Pittsburgh, from steel mills to art museums and the Fort Pitt museum, which tells the story of the city.  Two popular museums in Pittsburgh are the Carnegie museum of natural history in Oakland and the Photography museum in North Shore.  The Photography Museum has pictures of jewelry which Pittsburgh jewelry shoppers will find interesting.  Pittsburgh also has a tremendous number of historical attractions outside the city, with the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum and Jimmy Stewart Museum only an hour away.

Pittsburgh Jewelry shoppers should visit downtown, where they can find several stores which have been in the city for years.  Goldstock Jewelers has been around since 1912 and is the premier location for buying jewelry.  Those who would like silver jewelry should visit Pittsburgh Jewelry, which has a massive selection of sterling silver jewelry pieces.  Joden Jewelers is another must visit location.  Having been around since 1970, this store has had diamond jewelry pieces featured in magazines such as Vogue and has a museum that aficionados can visit during store hours.


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