Silver Jewelry

Silver jewelry is versatile, smart and always in style. Add beauty and charm to your look with the perfect silver ring, nekclace or bracelet from Zoara's stunning silver jewelry collection.

Silver Rings

Accent your look with one of Zoara's dazzling silver rings. The cool sheen of a silver ring adds a touch of sophistication to every outfit.

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Silver Earrings

Enhance your look with a pair of fine silver earrings. Choose the perfect pair of studs, dangle earrings or hoop earrings to brighten up your ensemble.

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Silver Necklaces

Zoara invites you to view our gallery of radiant silver necklaces, bead strands and other silver necklaces for a charming glimmer of style.

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Silver Pendants

From the classic silver heart, to gemstone studded silver pendants, Zoara's silver pendant collection has something for everyone.

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Silver Bracelets

Zoara's grand collection of high quality silver bracelets includes classic charm bracelets, cuffs, elegant link chains and more.

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Silver Learning Center

Zoara invites you to learn about silver and all this precious metal has to offer. Read information and guidance on how to buy and care for silver rings, earrings, bracelets and more.


Jewelry Learning Center

At Zoara we encourage our customers to make well-informed decisions about their jewelry purchases. Browse through our learning center for guidance and information on rings, earrings, bracelets and more.


Silver Jewelry

Silver has been considered throughout history to be a nearly perfect jewelry metal. The ancient Egyptians believed that silver was so close to perfection that they gave it the symbol of the semi-circle, implying its proximity to holiness and purity. Silver is one of the most malleable Precious Metals available which makes it an ideal material for beautiful and intricate designs that shine like the moon.

Silver Earrings, Silver Pendants, and Silver Rings have a simple elegance that makes them appropriate for every day wear. Dress up your jeans and tee shirt with a silver cuff or silver pendant without feeling overstated or over-done.

Silver jewelry is especially popular in the fashion industry for its cool shimmer, making it a wonderful contrasting accessory to summer wear and warm colored attire. What's more, silver has an unparalleled brilliance, since it can be polished to the most radiant luster that outshines even the purest gold.

Silver jewelry is prevalent around the world and is adaptable both in form and in character. It can be hip and trendy, stark yet chic, natural, tribal, glamorous and refined. The best thing about silver is that it looks great on everyone. Because silver jewelry is so versatile, it is a fantastic Gift For Men and women of all ages.

At Zoara you'll find the most exquisite collection of silver jewelry available online. Surprise your husband with a silver chain necklace on Father's Day, congratulate your son on his high school graduation with a magnificent silver ring, or present your daughter with Silver Heart Pendant that embodies her style and character. And don't forget to spoil yourself, silver is the metal of choice for designers, fashionistas, and moms and dads alike.

For more information about Silver Jewelry and more of our products such as Wedding Rings and Engagement Rings, please visit our Learning Center.

Silver Jewelry

Silver has been one of the most popular precious metals to be used in fashion jewelry throughout history. Its relative affordability has made it a desirable alternative for designer jewelers and consumers alike.

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Silver Alloys

Due to its luster, malleability and affordability, silver is the most common jewelry metal. Like gold and platinum, silver must be alloyed with other metals to reinforce its strength and durability. In its pure form, silver is too malleable and easily damaged to be used in jewelry. Sterling silver is the highest quality and most popular silver alloy, typically composed of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper, and can also be referred to as .925 fine silver. Sometimes the copper is mixed with a small amount of zinc or nickel as well. Frequently, sterling silver is coated with a thin finish of either silver or rhodium to help improve durability.

Silver Markings

The standardized quality of silver jewelry must be marked on all pieces of silver jewelry according to US law. These "fineness" marks are stamped into the metal and indicate the ratio of pure silver to added alloys, and can appear marked as sterling, sterling silver, 925, 92.5 or .925. A maker's mark or trademark must accompany the quality stamp. Always look for both brandings to guarantee the quality of your silver jewelry.

Silver Pricing

Silver is the most common of all precious metals which makes it more affordable than either gold or platinum. It is also one of the easiest metals to extract which keeps production prices low. Typically silver is valued at 1/75 the price of gold. The price of silver jewelry is dependent on the fineness, or quality, of the silver and on the amount of labor, intricacy of design, and level of craftsmanship required to fashion the piece.


Silver Care

As with all fine jewelry, it is important to treat your silver wedding rings and engagement rings with care. Remove your silver jewelry when engaging in any activity that may cause scratching or chipping, such as gardening, painting or outdoor sports. It is also recommended that you remove your silver jewelry when swimming or working with household chemicals such as ammonia or bleach as these chemicals can cause permanent damage. Silver jewelry should always be stored in soft, dry, individual pouches to keep it from scratching against other items.

To remove tarnish, look for specially made silver polishing products which are safe, simple and inexpensive. Zoara recommends that you clean your silver jewelry regularly in order to prevent tarnish build up and to keep your jewelry looking like new.