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Of all Jewelry pieces, the ring is perhaps the most symbolic and is imbued with personal significance and sentiment. The circular band is meant to be a symbol for eternity, wholeness, perfection, and bonding. Rings were traditionally worn to indicate anything from profession to family lineage, social status to religious affiliation. Historically speaking, the most common use for rings was to indicate marital status. Consequently, it is no wonder that Engagement Rings, Men's Wedding rings and Women's Wedding rings are in such high demand.

When it comes to expressing your deep, adulating love for a certain special someone, there is no better gift than a beautiful, personalized ring. The ring is meant to serve as a constant reminder of a unique bond, a momentous occasion or a sentimental union. Consider, for example, a stunning diamond Eternity Ring, which is designed to symbolize ever-lasting love and an unwavering bond.

Today there is an amazing variety of ring designs and styles available to the everyday consumer. Fashion rings, for example, can be encrusted with diamonds and other precious gemstones, have become increasingly popular, and are commonly worn as trendy accessories.

Browse Zoara's online jewelry store's amazing selection of exquisitely designed gold, silver and platinum fashion rings, engagement rings, men's wedding rings, women's Wedding Rings and eternity rings for all of your shopping needs. We at Zoara are committed to helping you find the ring of your dreams. Design Your Own engagement ring or choose from our astonishing collection of Pre-Set Engagement Rings. We also invite you to Contact Us or browse our Rings Learning Center for more information on Ring Sizes, types and styles.

If you are planning on walking down the aisle, make sure to check out our Proposal Tips And Stories section for helpful and interesting ideas on how to make your proposal truly unique and unforgettable.

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Engagement Ring Guide

Learn about the key factors you should consider when shopping for an engagement ring. Let Zoara help guide you in the right direction

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Helpful tips and suggestions for anyone shopping for men's and women's wedding bands. Discover the best ways to choose the perfect metal, thickness and design for your wedding ring.

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You've chosen your stones and the precious metal, now it's time to choose a setting for your engagement ring. Learn more about the different types of ring settings Zoara has to offer.

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An anniversary ring is imbued with beautiful significance. Learn more about three-stone, five-stone and eternity anniversary rings.

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What you should know before you make your purchase to guarentee a safe and satisfactory transaction.

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Proposal Tips & Stories

Read some adventurous or culinary-inspired proposals, gather ideas for yourself, or contribute your own story.


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We invite you to learn all about the world's strongest and most mesmerizing precious stone. From the essential Four C's to diamond appraisals, Zoara provides you a myriad of detailed information.


Ring Learning Center

Shopping for a Diamond Ring can be extremely daunting. In fact, many men report that the most anxiety inducing aspect of their marriage proposal is trying to pick out the right engagement ring. This is why Zoara is dedicated to providing their customers with the most comprehensible informational pages regarding Wedding Rings, Engagement Rings, and Anniversary Rings. Buying a diamond engagement ring should be fun and exciting, not scary and discouraging. Let Zoara make shopping for the right ring simple, easy and satisfying.

For those who are planning on tying the knot, we offer a thorough overview of all of our Pre-Set Engagement Rings. We'll walk you through the engagement essentials such as setting a budget, choosing a setting, and finally, picking a diamond. You'll find links to our very popular Solitaire Rings along with links to our Design Your Own tool. We offer a wide selection of solitaire diamond rings, side stone rings, tension settings and three stone rings.Zoara wants to make it easier for you to find the ring that will capture her heart.

Couples who have already decided to tie the knot are invited to peruse our Wedding Band Learning Center pages. Because the wedding band involves no element of surprise, shopping for the right ring is relatively straight forward. However, a wedding ring is a piece of jewelry that you will wear for the rest of your life, so you want it to suit your personal taste as well as your life style. Some women prefer wedding rings that can be worn with their engagement ring, such as curved wedding bands which fit comfortably beneath a typical diamond solitaire ring. Others prefer plain metal bands that are simple and light weight. On Zoara, you'll find information about different Precious Metals and different styles for Men's Wedding Bands and Women's Wedding Rings.

It's your anniversary? What a perfect time to present your wife with the classic and timeless symbol of your enduring love. Zoara will help you find the perfect anniversary ring for your special someone. We offer information on three-stone diamond rings, five-stone diamond rings, Anniversary Rings and diamond Eternity Bands.

Finally, make sure you're making the right purchase. Do you know your Ring Size? Do you know her ring size?Does your jeweler provide you with an appropriate return policy, shipping policy and warranty? Go through our check list when you're Making The Purchase to ensure that you have all your bases covered regarding your special diamond ring. Zoara wants to ensure that our customers are informed and educated.So if you're looking for a fine ring for yourself or for that special someone, let Zoara guide you through the process.