Gold Rings

Learn About Gold Rings

Gold has been used as a jewelry metal for thousands of years. Its warm brilliance as well as its high malleability and resistance to tarnish make it an ideal metal for fine jewelry.  The gold ring is one of the oldest jewelry items, first mentioned in Rome in 432 AD.  A standard and classic jewelry item, the gold ring has been a symbol of engagement, marriage, betrothal, and general prosperity.   

Gold as a Jewelry Metal

All gold used in jewelry is alloyed with a combination of other metals to improve the item’s durability. The purity of gold is expressed in karats (k or kt), 24 karats being the highest gold purity available on the market. 24 karat gold is equal to approximately 99% pure gold and 1% alloy. Most fine jewelry ranges between 14k (~59% gold) to 18k gold (~75% gold) in order to maintain strength and durability while keeping the warm gold color and brilliance.

Gold Ring Colors

Yellow Gold Rings

traditional rings on the market.  Yellow gold evokes the beauty of Roman and Greek aesthetics, Celtic folk culture, and the romance of 17th Century Europe.  Today, the flaxen color of gold has come to represent innocence, purity and honor which make it a popular metal for gold wedding bands, gold engagement rings and gold anniversary rings 

White Gold Rings

have skyrocketed in popularity within the past decade. White gold rings are alloyed with platinum, palladium, silver or other very white, lustrous metals to create the white gold color. White gold rings are then plated with rhodium, another durable, silvery-white metal from the platinum family. Rhodium plating enhances the white color and reinforces the entire ring. The cool luster of white gold along with its affordability have made it an extremely popular metal used in diamond engagement rings, fashion rings and diamond set right hand rings.

Two and Three Tone Gold Rings

combine various colors of gold in a single ring to create a subtle but attractive design or pattern. Two tone gold rings are especially popular as men’s wedding rings and women’s right hand rings.  Many times two and three tone gold rings incorporate rose gold, green gold, purple gold or even chocolate gold.

Gold Ring Sizing

Gold, being such a malleable metal, is the easiest of all precious metals to resize. However, it is always best for you to choose the correct size before you order the ring. Read up on how to accurately or discreetly take her ring size in our Ring Size Guide.

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More Information

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