Gemstone Rings

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The diamond’s unique properties have made it the most popular precious gemstone used in high end jewelry. A diamond’s hardness has come to represent strength and endurance; its brilliance, beauty and splendor; its rarity, esteem; and its clear color, purity and goodness. With the relatively recent advent of the diamond engagement ring, diamond jewelry has also become associated with everlasting love, unwavering commitment and devotion. Despite the popularity of the diamond engagement ring, diamond rings still hold their own outside of the marriage arena. Today, diamond rings come in a rich selection of designs and styles including eternity rings, right hand rings, and anniversary rings.

Gemstone Ring Styles

Solitaire Gemstone Rings

A solitaire gemstone ring features a single, unadorned center stone. The simplicity of this design is meant to showcase the beauty and brilliance of the centerpiece gemstone.  Solitaire gemstone rings can be set with an array of different size and shape gemstones and may feature a variety of setting designs including prong, bezel, invisible, and tension settings. Those looking for unique take on the traditional solitaire diamond engagement ring may want to consider a solitaire gemstone engagement ring.

Side stone Gemstone Rings

The side stone gemstone ring features smaller pave or channel set accent gemstones, mounted on either side of a large centerpiece gemstone. The side stone gemstones may flank a centerpiece gemstone, diamond or pearl and imbue the ring with a sparkling, glamorous effect.

Gemstone Eternity Rings

Gemstone eternity rings feature a line of precious gemstones running the entire length of a precious metal band.  The continuous, never-ending band of gemstones is thought to represent timeless devotion and eternal love, making it a popular choice for anniversary rings, wedding rings and promise ring. 

Gemstone Gifts

Because gemstones are frequently associated with birth months, zodiac signs, and anniversaries, gemstone rings can be particularly meaningful gifts. Many gemstones are also believed to bring luck, strength, health and happiness to their wearer. Incorporating a precious gemstone in a fine ring is a great way to personalize it and infuse it with sentimental significance. For this reason, gemstone rings are a wonderful alternative to the conventional diamond engagement ring, anniversary ring, wedding band or right hand ring.

More Information

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