14k white gold

Solitaire Diamond Heart Shaped Pendant in 14k White Gold

Catalog ID: D9495
This adorable 14 karat white gold heart shaped pendant is remarkably chic. The off-center 0.03 carat round cut diamond gives this pendant a charming and unique design.

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Pendant Information
Metal Type 14k White Gold
Rhodium Yes
Pendant Height 9.3 mm.
Pendant Width 12 mm.
Diamond Information
Number of Diamonds 1
Diamond Shape Round
Total Carat Weight 0.03
Average Cut Very Good
Average Color G-H
Average Clarity SI2
Chain Information
Chain Type Twisted Rope
Clasp Lobster Claw
Chain Length 18 "
Customer Reviews
total score:
Based on 23 customer reviews
Nice Valentine's Day Gift
I got this pendant for my girlfriend for Valentine's Day because thought it's a heart, which is like the kitschiest V-Day gift, the style of it is so clean and simple that it comes off looking pretty sophisticated. Luckily, my girlfriend feels the same way. She hasn't taken it off since I first closed the clasp for her!
Author: P. peterson
A fabulous buy!
As a woman that prefers a sophisticated look, I've always thought pave diamonds are the way to go. This pendant is heart-shaped - you can't go wrong with that combination if you ask me!
Author: RC
My girlfriend looks spectacular wearing her diamond heart pendant. When I bought this item I was a little worried that she may not like heart shaped pendants, but I thought that the diamonds were so gorgeous and that the pendant was very dazzling, and so I took a chance and ordered the pendant anyways. I gave it to my girlfriend as a Christmas present and I was incredibly happy and relived to see her pleased expression. She can be very particular when it comes to jewelry, but this pendant exceeded her expectations.
Author: Todd R.
no hearts
My girlfriend is a girly-girl and, as such, she likes her jewelry to be very fem. That's why she already owns a lot of heart shaped jewelry pieces. Heart shaped earrings, heart shaped necklaces, heart shaped charm bracelets, the list goes on and on. So when her birthday came round I really wanted to avoid buying her any jewelry that was heart shaped, when I found this necklace I couldn't help but order it for my girlfriend. I knew she'd flip over it. She absolutely loved the pendant.
Author: B. Griffin
I love diamonds, and I love hearts. This necklace couldn't tie these two more perfectly together. It's a beautiful design and I absolutely love it!
Author: Kim Sampson
another one!
I got this pretty open heart pendant for my daughter on her birthday and she was crazy about it! The only problem was that her sister was so jealous! She really wanted a pendant like that to call her own so of course I ordered another one. It's a good thing Zoara is selling this piece of jewelry for such an affordable price, otherwise I'd be in trouble!
Author: Mamma
Stunning heart necklace
Is there anything more sentimental than a heart shaped diamond encklace? I don't think so! Great product!
Author: Tia B.
Beautiful piece
This pendant is very modern and chique. The diamond isn't in the smack middle, but on the side, which is somehow rather charming, and the heart is just beautiful. I love the naturalness of this piece and my husband Jeff who gave it to me so graciously.
Author: Carolyn
Charming and lovely
I love hearts, and I have a collection of over 12 heart pendants from around the world. This is my first heart from an internet purchase, and it goes wonderfully with the rest of them, though it is the only one with a diamond so uniquely placed. Zoara did a really interesting job designing this.
Author: g. K.
on the side
I've never seen a piece like this with the diamond placed on the side like that. I've grown to adore it though after I gave it a chance after I was reminded that the human heart is also slightly off center. All art is but immitation of nature, and all jewelry is art.
Author: Artist F.M.
Good buy
My wife is into the modernistic stuff and the layout made me stop and think. After 5 minutes, I bought it. After 2 days, it arrived. After 15 minutes, I gave it to her, and after 2 seconds she loved it! Hows that for a timetable?
Author: Harold M.
Such a cute little diamond setting
Never liked big diamonds before but the little tiny ones, those are the ones that steal your heart. They sparkle just the same and they don't make anyone stare, just look for a second and then turn away. You can tell that way that the sparkle caught their eye, but they're not staring at it as if it's a freak of jewelry. That's the best combo. Good necklace, thanks Zoara.
Author: gillian
And it's good!
I was on pins and needles when I gave this to my girlfriend and I didn't know if she'd like it or not. (She's very picky.) I'm still not 100% sure if she likes it or she's just being nice, but it doesn't really make a difference all that much. She says she likes it, and now she's googling it and telling me all about this ancient city or something.
Author: john doe
Heart pendant fever
Looks good, love the diamond, love the metal, love the look, good shopping experience. Customer service didn't seem too annoying either. All in all well put together site, would be here again if I were a chronic jewelry buyer. Unfortunately in this economy i can't afford to be.
Author: Clarissa Mary
Great combo
The pieces of this heart pendant really fit together well. The diamond on the metal and the placement, it's very elegant and classy, not too conspicuous and rude looking. Tasteful, I'd say. Glad I bought it here.
Author: Miss. paulson
Nice touch
Here's a story for all the guys trying to freak out their girls with jewelry. Put it on them when they're asleep and see how long it takes for them to notice they have a new necklace. They might hit you when they realize it out of shock, but it's worth the smack...hehe...I'll put that in the Zoara stories section!
Author: BPG
Another word for pretty. I just wanted to use it somewhere, but I did in fact get this pendant and it is in fact pulchritudinous. I wanted to find one with balanced diamonds on both sides, but the imbalance actually has a sort of charming ring to it. I like it
Author: K Luda
Pleasantly surprised
I'm generally not the one for diamond jewelry, but the unassuming nature of this pendant and diamond are quite cute and modest. The perfect piece of jewelry matches beauty with modesty. that's what I like about this.
Author: Wilma Frederickson
Good deal, good jewelry
Never bought jewelry before, not that much into jewelry, but just got remarried and wanted a nice piece that wasn't a ring for the wedding. Decided on this, turned out good, got a great woman with a great necklace at a great price. Website ain't bad either.
Author: Re-married
Wonderful look
How does that cheer go? I like it, I love it, I want some more of it. I wonder who composed that little diddy. I'd like to meet him. Wonder what he'd say about my wife's new diamond heart pendant. But seriously, good buy, good piece. I like it.
Author: Matt S.
Great buy! So excited to give to wife!
When I got this in the mail opened it immediately but now I have to figure out a way to give it to my wife creatively. I'm thinking of putting it in her makeup thingee. She spends enough time blushing and whatnot whatever they call it. She's gonna love this.
Author: Raymond Pele
Happy to do business with Zoara, good product, beautiful diamond. I hope we never lose the cute little critter. Zoara should build homing devices for their jewelry for this purpose. I'll bring it up with them...ha!
Author: Funnyman
Love the colors
Diamond match with any metal virtually, but something about this necklace really clicks with the eyes. I think it's the finish of the metal and the size and placement of the diamond. Not sure what exactly, but that's what makes it even more unique and mysterious.
Author: PG
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