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Three Stone Journey Diamond Pendant in Palladium

Catalog ID: D393923
This marvelous palladium diamond pendant is truly inspiring. Designed as a journey jewelry, the three round diamonds totaling at 0.24 carats gradually increase in size to create a superbly elegant look.

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Earring Information
Metal Type Palladium
Rhodium No
Diamond Information
Number of Diamonds 3
Diamond Shape Round
Total Carat Weight 0.23
Average Cut Very Good
Average Color G-H
Average Clarity SI2
Chain Information
Chain Type Twisted Rope
Clasp Lobster Claw
Chain Length 18 "
Customer Reviews
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Based on 43 customer reviews
I don't usually go for bulkier jewelry, but when I saw this item I thought it looked very interesting, despite its relative chunkiness. Since the precious metals used in this necklace are so luxurious, and since the overall design is delicate and intricate, the necklace looks amazing. Definitely a great buy!
Author: Veera P.
I usually like large, more prominent pieces of jewelry. So I loved this particular piece! Loved the fact that this product was so chunky . I really love this bracelet but I wouldn't recommend this item to people who have a more delicate aesthetic.
Author: Deena L.
Surprisingly graceful
My husband bought me this necklace for our anniversary. At first I thought that the necklace was rather gaudy and that it sent the wrong message. My husband convinced me I should try it on before he has it exchanged. I must say, the effect was very surprising. When worn, the necklace is absolutely beautiful. The necklace definitely complements my skin tone and light up my face. Smashing!
Author: Elizabeth L.
Complete Satisfaction
I'm one of the rare species of women that hate shopping. I like to get exactly what I need delivered to my doorstep, but I'm rarely as satisfied as I was with the diamond necklace I ordered. The customer service rep who assisted me was a doll, the package arrived on time, and the necklace itself is of surprisingly high quality in comparison with the price. With this kind of service and quality, I think I just might get myself another item!
Author: Crystal L.
diamonds liven up any ol' outfit
My new diamond necklace is undoubtedly the coolest addition to my wardrobe. It makes any plain old outfit look stylish and interesting. That's all any girl could ask for from a piece of jewelry right?
Author: Fara L.
Practical and beautiful necklace
The diamond necklace that just arrived is a beautiful piece of jewelry that I'm sure I will be wearing on many occasions - from the office to nights on the town.
Author: Regina C.
I'm getting more!
My friend is like a diamond necklace freak so whenever I run out of ideas for b-days I just get her another one. This time I decided to search online and I'm so glad I did because I found the cutest diamond necklace ever for an unbelievably low price. It's so pretty, I'm going to get one for myself as well! It's a wonder these necklaces are still in stock!
Author: May R.
Quick fix to boring outfits
My diamond necklace is the best addition I could've thought of for my jewelry collection. It just seems to dress up whatever I throw on so I'm certainly happy I found it.
Author: Carmela O.
Stylish necklace
There's nothing like a diamond necklace to spruce up your style. I'm telling you, I can wear this necklace with a white T-shirt and jeans and get compliments from here to Wazoo!
Author: Loretta T.
Great diamond necklace
Diamond necklaces are usually a little clunky for my taste, but the one I saw online actually looked almost delicate so I went out on a limb and ordered it. Now that it's arrived I can say I'm glad I took a chance. It's obviously a high quality piece of jewelry and it looks really nice when I put it on. It's different from my usual style but it really is about time I spiced things up a bit!
Author: Inga H.
What a beautiful design!
This necklace is so beautiful! I love the design of it and how it is so skillfully put together. Everyone immediately comments on it and they always ask me where I got it from. There's no doubt this is one of my best purchases yet!
Author: Anna S.
Unique Design
I was looking for a special necklace and found this beautiful piece on your site. I really loved the unique design of it – it's not something you see every day. It didn't take long for me to place the order, and it arrived in no time. I couldn't be happier with my choice!
Author: Summer J.
Perfect Addition
I bought my wife a beautiful diamond bracelet for Xmas last year, and she really enjoyed wearing it all the time. So I wanted to get her a jewelry piece to match it as a present for this holiday season. I did some internet browsing and it wasn't long before I found this beautiful piece. I was just amazed by how similar it looks to the bracelet in terms of design, and so I ordered it straight away. I gave it to her yesterday and she completely loved it! Now she'll be able to wear both the bracelet and the necklace together and make them look like a single jewelry set!
Author: Justin R.
Makes a Bold Statement!
I always look for the more unique pieces of jewelry, as I love making bold statement when it comes to fashion. I was really happy I found this necklace, as it makes a perfect addition to my collection. It's perfectly styled, yet very unique. It's beautiful, but with an edge. It definitely found a warm and cozy space inside my jewelry box :)
Author: Ashley T.
Top Marks!
My girlfriend has a very unique sense of style, so you could imagine how difficult it was for me to find a special piece of jewelry to give her as a present. I was so nervous I would mess it up and get something too ordinary that wouldn't fit her personality. But once I saw this necklace I knew she would love it! I just gave it to her last night, and she loved it!! She put it on straight away and said that it was really beautiful. That's why I'm so pleased with this necklace! 10 out of 10!
Author: Nathan G.
I was surprised at how gorgeous this item looked. By looking at the photo, I wasn't completely sure that the links would suit me. But i did like the necklace's design and the precious metals used in its creation. So, I ordered the item, thinking I could always return it if it wasn't exactly what I wanted. When the time arrived I knew I wouldn't be returning it. The necklace was gorgeous. And it looked amazing worn around my neck. Beautiful!
Author: Emily V.
Resonably priced
I was very happy with this item. The quality of the materials used to make the necklace were great and the craftsmanship was superb. Best of all, the necklace's price was very affordable. You don't often see such quality items with such a reasonable price. Perfect.
Author: Perla C.
I love it!
The necklace was heaven-sent. The necklace is beautiful and sleek and the metals' unique hues nicely complement my skin tone. Definitely a keeper!
Author: Norma M.
Very unique
This necklace is incredible. I love unique jewelry, and this necklace looks as though it were custom made. The diamonds are beautiful and the whole look of the necklace is very fluid. I highly recommend this necklace to any girl.
Author: Grace F.
I was actually looking for matching jewelry pieces for me and my mom. We have a very close relationship and so when mother's day came round I wanted to get us both a little something special (seeing as how I'm also a mother). I thought it would be cute if I went with matching jewelry. I was originally planning on buying a matching jewelry set and then splitting the pieces between us. When I started my search online I found this necklace. I thought it looked gorgeous, and that it was jewelry that both me and my mom would appreciate. I thought that the necklace did not necessarily look age-specific so I felt that it would be appropriate for us both. I ordered two of these necklaces and was very happy with the items that I got. My mother and I wear the matching necklaces proudly.
Author: Bernice C.
A journey stocking stuffer!
So this Christmas I figured it was about time to get creative. A regular piece of jewelry wouldn't do, I needed something really special so I made good use of the help offered by Zoara's customer support and we managed to arrive at a great result - the journey pendant. The package was delivered right on schedule and inside I saw a piece of jewelry that I knew my wife would definitely appreciate. It's finely crafted and perfectly exquisite! Now I just have to contain myself until Christmas! I can't wait to see her reaction when she lays her eyes on this stocking stuffer!
Author: Harry M.
So cute!
What I love about this necklace is that it looks so good with almost everything! I don't have to spend 20 minutes trying to figure out what I can wear with it. It makes it very easy.
Author: Julianne P.
diamonds are great
i think this style is suave and chic. i bought one necklace for myself and one for my daughter, angela. we both wear them all the time and are really happy with the look. great quality and service, too. they came very fast to our house. i'll shop here again.
Author: Felicity P.
Just the look I wanted
I have a long face so I'm always searching for jewelry that will help give me a bit of a rounder look. This necklace looked like it would get the job done so I ordered it and I was not disappointed! It's a really cool necklace and it gives me the look I was hoping for.
Author: Valerie E.
Helps pull off a great look every time!
Finally, an answer for those days when I just can't seem to put together that perfect ensemble and I need an awesome piece of jewelry to help me pull it off. This diamond necklace does the trick every time!
Author: Keira F.
Yeah, see, this is how a necklace should look!
This classic diamond necklaces is what necklaces should look like. I love the classic design, not too flashy and Baroque. Less is more, especially when it's done so well. I have to compliment Zoara on this product. Other than the obvious high quality, this happens to be precisely my taste and precisely what I haven't been able to find anywhere else - a simple design but very elegant look. My compliments to the jewelers.
Author: Michelle F.
Not too exorbitant
It's much flashier than what I'm used to but the quality makes up for it. I had it appraised at a jewelry who said the value is just around what I paid for it.
Author: Denise F.
How did Santa know?
My husband bought me this gorgeous necklace for Christmas. I was just thinking to myself how nice it will be to have a new piece of jewelry. I buy jewelry so rarely, and I felt I would really love to dress my outfits up a little bit with a pretty pair of earrings or necklace. My husband probably read my mind because he bought me this fabulous necklace for Christmas. It was waiting for me underneath the tree. I love it. It looks fabulous with my black sweater that I plan to wear to our friends' New Years party.
Author: Lyn B.
Loving the diamond neck piece. I think this is a classic design. My favorite necklace type, actually. But this one isn't that simple. The design is somehow simple and sophisticated at the same time. Sounds like a contradiction... but it is. I love the way it falls and compliments my collar bones. I can't wait to wear it on everywhere and flaunt it...
Author: Shirley D.
Looks great!
I wore this at my husband's honoree dinner and everyone noticed. It (along with the event) made me feel really special. Beautfiful work, wonderful piece of diamond jewelry. I'm very satisfied.
Author: Meryl R.
Who's got a great necklace now?
I hate to admit that I got this to one-up one of my "frenemies." We sort of have this unwritten competition between us and with this diamond pendant, I won this round. I think we're going to call a truce though. We don't want this competition to become too expensive. And I've never heard of Zoara before until I found this little guy...nice touch.
Author: Dalia W.
Nice gradual effect
I like how the diamonds in this necklace gradually get bigger as they go down your neck. It's a really nice effect that makes it seem as if the necklace is actually growing. I've gotten a lot of compliments and have only owned it one week. And the Zoara people were very helpful and clearing up any confusion.
Author: Tara G.
Hit a home run on this one
I looked on line for hours for something that would just click and I can't even tell you why I bought this diamond pendant but I thought it just fit. And it did on my lovely wife. It really looks great on her and she's very happy with it, and with me, so that's good. Happy 51st Julia!
Author: Barry H.
Love the necklace
Not big on writing these things, but I'm very happy with my new necklace and I wanted to thank you guys for the service and price. Very good deal, beautiful diamonds. I'm really pleasantly surprised at the ease of online shopping.
Author: Zora N.
Good doing business with you
I like it, it's good, and if I ever need a nice piece of diamond jewelry (not likely though unless I suddenly get rich) I'll look here at Zoara first.
Author: Fran K.
Diamond Necklace
This is a very delicate and beautiful piece. I only have 3 pieces of real diamond jewelry so I don't have a lot to compare it to, but this one is the favorite of my own little collection. It's so unassuming and very nice, I really like it.
Author: Willa B.
Good job with delivery
I was most worried about actually receiving this necklace after I paid for it, but just like Zoara customer service people said, I got it in 3 days. The jewelry itself, let my wife decide. I'm just happy I got it and it looks nice.
Author: Jack B.
Great necklace, hope my wife likes it too
I'm good with it, I'm just hoping it passes my wife's test. Something tells me it will. Call it women's intuition. Hehehe....
Author: Jerry S.
Lovely diamonds beautiful graceful chain
It's not as easy as you think matching a chain and a setting and diamonds. Zoara did the job rather nicely. I'm going to enjoy my new necklace.
Author: Carol D.
Setting looks great on the stones
All the features of the necklace fit will with each other. The designer behind this piece is very talented I can tell. Comfortable to wear, attracts positive attention, overall very good diamond jewelry piece.
Author: Jane R.
Best sweet 16 ever
I don't even know why 16 is such a big number for girls, but I'm not complaining. Daddy gave me this for my birthday and it makes me feel spoiled, but I promised myself I wouldn't turn into one of those girls even if I do have beautiful diamond necklace. I'm only going to wear it on special occasions.
Author: Katie B.
I'll some up this necklace in one word: Great. Zoara- great site, necklace- great look, money-great price. That's all that matters to me.
Author: David P.
Just what I was looking for
I wanted a necklace that wasn't too expensive but had real diamonds and real precious metal. This was perfect for my price range and the quality of the materials fit my search. Zoara pleasantly surprised me, especially with the ease of shipping and their customer care.
Author: Joslyn B.
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