14k white gold

Three Diamond 1/2 ctw Ladder Pendant in 14k Yellow Gold

Catalog ID: D8573
This stunning 14 karat yellow gold pendant features three radiant round cut diamonds totaling 1/2 carat, for a simple yet sophisticated look.

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Pendant Information
Metal Type 14k Yellow Gold
Diamond Information
Number of Diamonds 3
Diamond Shape Round
Total Carat Weight 0.47
Average Cut Very Good
Average Color G-H
Average Clarity SI2
Chain Information
Chain Type Twisted Rope
Clasp Lobster Claw
Chain Length 18 "
Customer Reviews
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Based on 57 customer reviews
Fantastic necklace
Loved It!
Author: Missy J.
Great Value
The necklace's price just can't be beat. I mean, its a beautiful piece of jewelry, high quality, and wonderful gift. Great product.
Author: Jerome W.
Couldn't be happier
Lovely necklace, beautiful diamonds. Fits well, came on time, great way for me to start my diamond jewelry collection.
Author: Josie S.
Go for it!
I was really unsure of buying online, but my friend told me about zoara when I was looking for a diamond necklace for my daughter. I wanted to get her something nice since she was pregnant with her first child. Well, I really think you cant beat the price on this necklace. When it came, it came on time, looked exactly like the online picture, and my daughter loved it. She tried it on and it was nice and light, but looked really nice on her neck.
Author: Janine R.
Can't beat the price
The price is amazing for such a great product!
Author: Jane P.
A Must Buy!
Super price, super product, super super super!
Author: Maya B.
A fantastic product, fast shipping, lovely packaging. All in all, I'm very satisfied.
Author: Martha W.
Exactly what I wanted
Nice necklace, good price, sturdy, pretty, and charming!
Author: Alexis M.
Happy Customer
This is a really lovely necklace, and I think you'll be surprised when it arrives. I was. I think that it might even look better in real life than it does in the picture. I got it for my daughter as a gift on her high school graduation and it looks wonderful on her wrist. I might just have to ask my husband to get one for me now! (If my daughter doesn't kill me for wearing the same bracelet as her!)
Author: Diana H.
High Quality
This necklace is high quality and high style.
Author: Patrick M.
100% Satisfied
The package arrived on time, when i opened the box the bracelet looked identical to the online picture, and the fit was great. I'm a satisfied customer.
Author: Raymond W.
This necklace is just great. My guy bought it for me and I totally dig it. It's a must buy.
Author: Leigh J.
it's a great deal!
I saw a very similar necklace to this in the shops a few weeks ago, and ever since then I was looking for it online. I am so happy I found it here - not only does it look strikingly similar to the one I originally wanted, but it was also much cheaper as well. It's a perfect deal!
Author: Justin W.
excellent product for a great price
My friend purchased the EXACT same necklace at another store for a much higher price! I bought this for myself about a week ago, and I can't stop teasing him about the price difference! This site really has some excellent deals, there's no doubt I'll do my next purchases here...
Author: Taylor L.
It's a great product, and the price is excellent! You've earned yourselves another satisfied customer!
Author: Billy W.
exceptional quality
Although the necklace looked legit when I received it, I decided to take it to my trusted jewelry store for a quick appraisal, just to be on the safe side. The jeweler told me that it was excellent quality and that it was even worth more than what I paid for it! So I came back and bought another one for my brother! There's simply no better way to show how extremely satisfied I am with this product...
Author: Lana C.
Happy with my new bracelet!
Ever since I bought this necklace, I've been getting lots of the positive responses from everyone around me. It's really satisfying to know that I purchased this for such an incredible price, and that it's still eye catching. I'm really with it!
Author: Paula C.
Great quality!
I love this necklace, it's so creative. The diamonds are exquisite! Great buy!
Author: Donna L.
Great product, definitely not too flashy
I'm not really that big on jewelry. I think that jewelry can look really cheesy if is not designed and executed properly. I have to admit that this particular product is neither cheesy nor overly flashy. The necklace is tasteful and understated, a perfect choice for a girl who doesn't want to overdo it with his jewelry choices. Very recommended!
Author: Dana S.
Another satisfied customer
I really loved this product. It's genuinely a quality piece. The ordering process was simple, the item arrived promptly and in great condition. I give this item a 10 out of 10.
Author: Andrew C.
A stunning necklace
Not too flashy, very elegant and graceful. Sleek and stunning, very recommended! I couldn't be happier with my purchase.
Author: Pia R.
A nice purchase
The product is great and so is its price. Very stylish and very recommended!
Author: Terry L.
I was really drawn to this item, it looked amazing in its attached photograph. But when I got the item itself I found that the photo didn't accurately represent the product and that the necklace looked somewhat different than what was displayed in the picture. Generally speaking, the necklace is pretty so I couldn't be bothered to return it. All in all, it's an acceptable product.
Author: Erica G.
Amazing alternative to a BFF necklace!
Most people have one best friend but I'm lucky enough to have two of them, and the best part is that the feelings between all three of us are mutual. That's why when one of the girls in our trio got engaged, my friend and I decided to get her a triple diamond necklace to symbolize our friendship. Our bride-to-be absolutely loved it! She may be getting married, but the three of us plan on being best friends forever (without the cheesy BFF necklaces)!
Author: Sandy K.
3 diamonds for my triplets
My three daughters just turned 16 and since they're triplets, I've been wracking my brain for just the right gift for all of them. When in doubt, go for jewelry right? Anyway, when I saw these darling triple diamond pendants online I knew I hit the jackpot and I was right! They're crazy about their new pendants!
Author: Patricia S.
Three is the best number!
Three is my favorite number so of course my heart melted when my boyfriend got me this adorable triple diamond necklace. It's not only beautiful, but also durable and light! I haven't taken it off since I got it and I don't intend to do so any time soon!
Author: Shawna V.
Perfect 3 Month Anniversary Gift!
I had only been with my girlfriend for a couple of months when I started to get the urge to buy her something special. Up to that point we had celebrated each monthly anniversary with a little something to show we care, but for our 3rd anniversary I felt it was time for some jewelry. I got her this exquisite three diamond pendant and her reaction was priceless! She's been smiling ear to ear ever since!
Author: Mike K.
3 diamonds for 3 years
For our three year anniversary I decided to get my girlfriend a pendant and what better way to symbolize three years of love than with three diamonds? I was so impressed with the pendant when it arrived. I hoped she would love it as much as I did and she did! It's a top quality piece of jewelry I'm sure she'll continue to enjoy for years!
Author: Ron J.
Triple the love!
I know some might say that 3 years old is too early for jewelry, but when I saw this triple diamond pendant I couldn't resist! I ordered it for my niece and it arrived just in time for her 3rd birthday. I love her so much and I know it will look adorable on her! Luckily, her mom (my sister) is all for children's jewelry too so everybody's happy!
Author: Sienna B.
So Pretty!
I love this design, and this three diamonds design is just gorgeous. I loved it when I saw it on the site, but when it arrived I was really blown away. The necklace is beautifully made and sits perfectly on my neckline.
Author: Tracy M.
Sweet design
I love the diamonds! They are so endearing. Every time I wear it I feel youthful and fresh. It's a lovely design to wear with a formal outfit, or with something casual. I like wearing it when I go out for drinks with friends.
Author: Rose P.
Stole my heart
When my boyfriend got me this necklace for my birthday, he really did steal my heart! Its the perfect, thoughtful romantic gift. When I pushed him to tell me where he'd bought it and he told me he got it online at Zoara, I couldn't believe it. I mean, it is so well made that I was really surprised. I'll definitely be doing my jewelry shopping with Zoara from now on.
Author: Doris M.
Very pleased
I'm very happy with this diamond necklace. I thought it might be too long, but it just looks wonderful. Plus, the package came right on time which I've already been conditioned not to expect. All in all, I think the necklace is great. I would recommend it to anyone looking to add a romantic touch to their look.
Author: Cheryl S.
This is a precious design for a pendant. I bought it for my youngest daughter when she was awarded valedictorian of her class. She adores it. She wears it at almost every formal occasion and told me that even her friends love it. That is a serious comment from a teenager!
Author: Gloria P.
So happy!
I bought this necklace for my daughter when she had her first child: a baby girl. I told her that her hearts represented the three generations of women in our family now: me, her and my new granddaughter. The wonderful thing about any diamond pendant or triple diamond pendant is the way it can so easily be imbued with sentimental and true meaning. She wears it quite frequently and told me that it always reminds her how important family is.
Author: Janice G.
Perfect gift
I got this necklace for my two best friends when I found out that I was moving away. I wanted them to know that no matter how far or close we were physically, that we would always be good friends. I specifically chose this necklace because of the design and the price. My two friends are very contemporary and don't like things that are too traditional looking. I found the design of this necklace to be really nicely and cleanly designed, and I found the price to be unbeatable.
Author: Marilyn P.
My girlfriend loved it…
I gave this necklace for my girlfriend as a birthday present two days ago. She really liked it.
Author: Brian W.
triple diamonds are triple love!
I bought this beautiful pendant for my mother-and also one for my sister. They both loved it, and wear it all the time. The triple diamond seemed to represent, to them, the three of us. We are all named R names (my mom is Renee and my sister is Ryann) and they were so sweet...they totally asked me where i bought it under the pretense of wanting to get one for a friend of Ryann's...and then on Christmas they presented me with one. On the back they had 3 r's engraved, one on each hear...it was so sweet. I love my mom and my sister so much, and nothing could represent our love for each other better than this gorgeous and unique pendant. I think supporting good quality and really beautiful products is a great thing to do, so I am definitely recommending the triple diamond pendant for anyone on any occasion. Choose what you want the meaning behind it to be...and then get it from this wonderful company where the service is good and the attitude is great and the quality is really the best. It's definitely a ten in my book, and it will be in yours, too!!!!
Author: Rose S.
Looks good at fancy get togethers
My family just had one of those big reunions and I didn't want to look so plain so I bought this pendant at Zoara and at least 5 people commented and asked where I got it. I'm not sure if they'll still remember who I am and how I'm related to them, but at least I have a nice diamond necklace now that I really like.
Author: Carol D.
best triple gift ever
My best friend has three daughters who, though they are each a couple years apart from one another, were all born within the same month and therefor have this massive joint birthday party every year. They are still at those ages (4, 6, 9) where they don't want to be too independent (yet!) and they like to get presents that accent each other...they especially love matching things. I was freaking out trying to think of the right present (they are like my nieces, I love them so much) and I decided that these triple-diamond pendants were the best. To begin with, they are beautiful, good quality, classic, last a long time, and special regardless of who receives them...but on top of that, they had the right "theme". The woman who helped me purchase them was really a great help, very knowledgeable, and the girls were so happy with their presents. I cannot thank you enough for having these great and unique gifts for special occasions (and special people)! I will recommend to all my friends!
Author: June H.
Happy, good purchase
Just calling out to say that I'm happy with my necklace and the diamonds make my day just that much better. This goes out to my husband for thinking of me in hard times. I appreciate it very much. Diamond pendants really are beautiful things.
Author: Chandra K.
Good balance
I like the balance of this piece. As an architect I appreciate these kinds of things. My wife is also an architect, which is why I got her this piece. The diamonds are of course beautiful. Zoara seems to know what it's doing.
Author: Brant S.
My boyfriend Kyle bought me this necklace, and now I am on here looking for something to buy him...but I saw this necklace and I just HAD to post something. It is seriously the cutest thing I have that isn't clothes or shoes. It goes with everything, but it always stands out. I like to be fashion forward, but I never thought of wearing jewelry (silly me!). Now when we meet up to go to theater or for dinner, I always wear it... Thanks a lot, and great mob with the fantastic selection of pretty things on here! It's rad!
Author: Natalie N.
Thanks to Zoara for my wife's pendant
Hi I'm Robert. I never wrote a review before but my wife really likes this thing that I got for her. Diamond pendant i think it's called. Thanks to Zoara too. I was looking for a way to make her happier. I don't know how long it will last but I like the results so far. ~Robert
Author: Robert M.
Very exquisite
There aren't many pieces like this I've seen and in my profession you see a lot of these fancy shmancy jewelry showoffs at parties. Part of the side effects of being an event planner. Despite all I've seen, this one stands out quite will. Nice touch. A good buy too. Appreciate doing business with you Zoara.
Author: Jenine R.
Surprised! Thank you!
Thank you to every one who came to the party and thanks especially to my boyfriend Frank who had everyone chip in to get me this for my big 4-0! The diamond pendant really is spectacular, and I never knew I had such great friends.
Author: Barbara K.
Very pleased
I'm very pleased with the overall look of this piece. No one part of it stands out over another, and the proportions are very will placed. Zoara must have someone with an interior design past on their team. That I can be sure of. My wife thinks the same, and she looks great in it!
Author: Sean K.
Will buy again
I've had this diamond pendant for a month already and I still keep catching myself looking at it in the mirror. My husband is still raking in the points for getting this for me and I figured now would be a good time to find where he got it and put up a review. Took me long enough. It is a great piece of jewelry and I'm quite pleased. Thank you for making me look that much better, even though I'm already pretty cute as it is.
Author: Hariett M.
Super fast shipping, very nice jewelry
I got this 2 days after I ordered it. That deserves some praise. Zoara doesn't seem to be wasting their time footing around in their warehouse. I also like how the diamond pendant looks in the sunlight. It really sparkles. My husband James was first mad at me for buying it, but he also has to admit it looks pretty good.
Author: Bea D.
My wife thanks you
She's not good with internet and can't believe I bought this online and has no idea what Zoara even means, but what she does like is the necklace. And that's what counts.
Author: Ira G.
Can't believe he hid it IN the ice cream
My husband is crazy. He takes me out to JP Licks for my birthday and has me all thinking that this is all he got me, some stupid scoop if ice cream. I almost refused to eat it I was so angry, and then he insists, and then I caught this tremble in is eyebrow and knew something was up. So I took a bite of the cookies and cream (at least he remembered my favorite flavor) and chomped on...a diamond. I chipped a tooth, but at least I have a beautiful diamond necklace now. Next time, honey, tell them to hide it UNDERNEATH the ice cream. That way we save on dentist bills.
Author: Miriam F.
Amazing, beautiful, great necklace
I got this for my girlfriend for our 5th anniversary and boy did she appreciate it. At first she didn't believe it was real so I had to take her to a jeweler to get it tested and weighed and everything and only then did she actually believe I bought a real diamond pendant. Dibs to Zoara for not selling me fake stuff.
Author: David B.
Looks good
My wife keeps asking other people how it looks. I keep telling her it looks good. I don't think she's actually unsure though. I think she's just showing off.
Author: Patrick R.
First jewelry my husband bought me in 10 years
For the first piece of jewelry my husband bought me in 10 years, this necklace really had a lot of baggage to cover. It did the job admirably I have to say. He's so relieved that I'm happy with it that I think he just got 10 pounds lighter from the release of stress. Poor guy. Sometimes I think I wind him up too much.
Author: Beth F.
Jewelry's not my thing but...
Zoara got me to appreciate jewelry craftsmanship with this little thing that my husband got me for our 25th anniversary. I told him this was the one time he could really go out and spend on me so he did it, and I'm glad he picked this one. It's a very nice little trinket and looks pretty valuable and I plan to wear it every so often and give it to my daughter when she gets married.
Author: Janice F.
Bought it, lost it, and thank goodness found it
I got this for my wife two weeks ago and put it in a jacket pocket to surprise her and then took the wrong jacket to dinner and started to really lose it. Then I realized what I did and when we got home I told her I was planning to surprise her with this pendant but took the wrong jacket and she hugged me and said it was OK, but I'm just thanking God it didn't actually just fall out of my pocket or something. That would have been really bad. The pendant itself is very pretty. I'm glad I bought it. Thanks Zoara.
Author: Ray L.
Good choice
In the end of my long internet search I was stuck between this pendant and another similar one I saw at a different site. In the end I picked this one because I just had a good feeling about the site. I don't know how the other one turned out but this one turned out pretty allright. Just ask my fiance who seems pretty satisfied.
Author: Michael F.
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