Classic Freshwater Pearl Bracelet in 14k Yellow Gold

Catalog ID: D108423
This lovely 6.5 inch white cultured freshwater pearl bracelet is magnificently set in 14 karat yellow gold, creating a charmingly classic design that is sure to complement any elegant ensemble.
This item typically ships in: 7-10 Business Days.
Bracelet Information
Metal Type 14k Yellow Gold
Length 6.5 "
Rhodium Yes
Pearl Information
Pearl Type Freshwater Cultured
Pearl Luster Medium-High
Pearl Shape Off-Round
Pearl Size 6-6.5 mm.
Pearl Color White
Customer Reviews
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Based on 7 customer reviews
Great balls of fire....
Or not. I just wanted to use that headline. Regardless, this bracelet is incredible. I have to admit that it's a total cave-in to advertising done in movies. I saw this movie where the main actress sported a gorgeous pearl necklace and decided I needed some pearl jewelry. I couldn't afford a pearl necklace, especially a top-of-the-line one, so I decided to look for a bracelet. This one was the most reasonably priced one out there. But I was suspicious since one of my friends got ripped off by an online store. So I called customer service and Andy was very helpful and assured me that Zoara was not going to play any games with me and also told me that I would have my bracelet within the time given. Sure 'nough, he was right! I love my new pearl bracelet, which I wear all the time!
Author: Melanie P.
What pearls should look like
This pearl bracelet has the nicest pearls I've seen. That being said, it doesn't quite site right on my wrist, but that may be because I'm really skinny so even the shortest of bracelets feel enormous on me. But for the quality, I've only seen pearls like these in jewelry stores where they're sold for a few hundred dollars. Thank you Zoara for enabling me to get a piece that would have been out of my hands otherwise!
Author: Shoshana P.
Fast delivery and a gorgeous bracelet
I was most amazed by the speed in which I got my new pearl bracelet. Don't get me wrong, the bracelet is stunning and I love wearing it - the pearls are the most stunning and pure I have ever seen. I'm just totally flabbergasted that I got it two days ahead of when I thought I was going to!
Author: Louisa D.
Elegance Defined
If you were to go look up elegance in the dictionary, I'm pretty sure this pearl bracelet would be the picture shown. It has the most striking and beautiful looking pearls - they almost look like silver they're so flawless! The gold clasp looks so dainty and the whole thing looks really good on my wrist!
Author: Alice A.
Very happy
I love this bracelet. Great buy, beautiful pearls and even better price!
Author: Jillian K.
This is a lovely pearl bracelet and is a beautiful quality. I don't really have any good pearl jewelry and wanted to expand my collection. I was really pleased when I saw all of the info about pearls on Zoara's site - It really helped. And i have to say how easy everything was - the purchasing and information and all that stuff was really simple.
Author: Leesa B.
Perfect Gift
My sister just got her first job with a law firm and I wanted to give her a little congratulations gift. I thought pearls would be the perfect gift and very appropriate in a law firm. Zoara made everything so easy, plus they have so much info on pearls it would have been hard to make the wrong choice. My sister loves the bracelet and apparently gets a lot of compliments.
Author: Jennifer S.
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