Classic 5 mm Akoya Pearl Studs in 14k Yellow Gold

Catalog ID: D10693
These classic 5 mm Akoya pearl studs are sophisticated and modern. These beautiful natural color round pearls are high in luster and sheen and are beautifully complemented by 14 karat yellow gold backings.
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Earring Information
Metal Type 14k Yellow Gold
Backing Friction Backing
Pearl Information
Pearl Type Akoya
Pearl Luster High
Pearl Shape Round
Pearl Size 5 mm.
Pearl Color Natural
Customer Reviews
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Based on 8 customer reviews
Beautiful Earrings
My wife and I are about to celebrate our 3 year anniversary, and I wanted to get her some kind of jewelry. She has a pearl necklace already, and I figured she would love receiving a matching pair of earrings to go with it. So I bought her these earrings, which I think are just beautiful. I'm about to give her the present next week, I really hope she will like it!
Author: Steve .
Amazing Gift
I never know what to give my mom for her birthday. I always find myself contemplating hours on end about what to get her. A friend of mine actually recommended this site, so I started browsing through it. Once I saw these earrings I was very pleasantly surprised. The asking price is just amazing, and the earrings themselves are absolutely beautiful. It all made my decision very easy, and I bought them straight away. I'm sure my mom will love them!
Author: Bethany A.
A wonderful pair of earrings…
A bunch of us from work joined resources to buy a colleague a gift for her birthday. We all pitched in a little bit, and bought her these stunning pearl earrings. We just gave them to her yesterday, and she LOVED them! She wore them all day yesterday, and I have the feeling she'll continue to enjoy them for many more years to come…Pearls will never die out!
Author: Debbie G.
Can't Go Wrong With These!
If you're a guy like me who is contemplating about what to get his girlfriend for her birthday, well you simply can't go wrong with these earrings. Every woman loves a pair of brand new earrings, especially if they're real pearls. I'm sure any girl out there will love and appreciate these earrings just as much as my girlfriend did!
Author: Will D.
A beautiful accessory
Pearls make for the most gorgeous accessories and these earirngs add a lot to my appearance. You can't go wrong with pearls!
Author: Pamela H.
These are amazing
these pearl studs are so gorgeous, I just love the lustrous look of the pearls, and how classy:) So happy I got these:)
Author: Sarah C.
Simple, Elegant and Beautiful
I have a certain penchant for pearls. Now that I'm getting married in a few months, I wanted some really nice pearls to wear at my wedding. I've been doing a lot of research and after seeing the ridiculous prices that regular jewelers charge, I decided to take my search online and this site was one of the most reasonable out there. So I kept visiting over the course of a week and finally I settled on this pair of earrings. I got the earrings pretty much when the website said I would receive them and I'm quite satisfied with these earrings. I guess I'll be looking for a pearl necklace on Zoara as well!
Author: Frieda G.
This is how a pearl should look
This is exactly how I've always imagined a pearl would look - pure white and flawless! I bought this set of earrings after a drawn out search online that spanned a few weeks and practically all of the major websites out there and decided that Zoara had the best price available and now that I've finally received them, I can say that this set was a steal!
Author: Ellen S.
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