Unisex 1/2 ctw Princess Diamond Studs in 18k White Gold

Catalog ID: D8360
This sleek pair of unisex white gold earrings features eight stunning princess-cut diamonds weighing a total of 1/2 carat, accentuated in a contemporary yet timeless setting.
This item typically ships in: 5-9 Business Days.
Earring Information
Metal Type 18k White Gold
Rhodium Yes
Diamond Information
Number of Diamonds 8
Diamond Shape Princess
Total Carat Weight 0.47
Average Color G-H
Average Clarity SI2
Setting Type Bezel
Customer Reviews
total score:
Based on 15 customer reviews
What a gift!
My boyfriend got me these diamond studs for Valentines Day and I was floored. I wasn't expecting such a gorgeous and expensive gift! My last boyfriend was more into getting me dumb teddy bears and cheesy heart shaped chocolate boxes with mediocre chocolate inside - so you can imagine my surprise when I opened up the box and found the absolutely jaw-dropping diamond earrings! This man's a real keeper ;-)
Author: Sheila H.
Valentine's Day present
I got these earrings for my lady for Valentine's Day. I put them inside a box of chocolates instead of one of the pieces of chocolate. She thought I just got her chocolates, and was like, 'Yea, thanks,' and didn't even open the box right away. I wanted her to be really surprised, so I didn't press her to open it. She finally got hungry about six hours later when we settled down to watch a movie, and she totally screamed! She dropped the box and we had to clean chocolate gunk out of the carpet for like half an hour. But she adored the earrings and started crying after she finished screaming, ugh.
Author: Rick K.
Amazing Earrings!
Diamond studs – what more could you ask for? These earrings are the most amazing and classy looking pair that I ever owned. I love wearing them and showing them off to everyone, and I'm really happy I bought them.
Author: Melissa R.
amazing price
I received the stud earrings I ordered the other day and they look gorgeous on my wife Celia. I would just like to compliment Zoara on their professionalism and their very fair prices for this 1st class quality of jewelry. I will certainly recommend their site to my friends and family.
Author: John L.
Thank you! I feel so glamorous!
These earrings make me look like a star about to go on the red carpet. I'm loving them. They are sophisticated looking and just really stunning. They're both fun because of the shape of the earrings and really royal because of the way the diamonds look. I'm so excited about them. I'm very happy with the product. I recommend it Two thumbs up!
Author: Dana O.
They look so good on!
I was afraid these earrings would look too over the top, but they don't. They look very elegant. I can't believe how pretty they are in real life. My friends are all gonna love'em. I can't wait to wear them on my date with this really cute guy I met last week. Yay1 These are just gorgeous and I feel pretty in them and they boost my confidence.
Author: Maxine F.
Wonderful selection
I had a rough time choosing from all of these fantastic models. I wanted to buy so many of them. I found that most of them were in good taste and things that I could see myself wearing. I love stud earrings. I'd say maybe 75% of my earrings are stud earrings and these are just gorgeous. I put them on the minute I got them and have gotten compliments from practically everyone that's seen me in them. They are really beautiful.
Author: Naomi O.
They're wonderful
I bought these diamond studs for my wife, as a Christmas present. I knew right away that she would like them, and indeed my instincts never seem to fail me, and my wife loved them so very much! She was completely surprised by the fact that I got her diamond jewelry for the holidays, and she couldn’t stop bragging about it to all of her friends. For me, that just says it all: if she's happy, I couldn't be happier! So that makes me a very satisfied customer all around! They're absolutely wonderful!
Author: Andy G.
the sweetest diamond earrings
I think studs are probably my favorite earrings...and how can you go wrong with DIAMOND studs. I mean...come on!!!! Diamonds are the most beautiful stones, the most durable and the most popular, and to have them on this super cute style is the best. Plus, I have really curly red hair and it's hard for me to find earrings that really stand out and make people take notice. These studs are super cute, and if I put my hair up in a bun or a ponytail you can see them even better, and they glitter and look freaking beautiful all the time. I feel like a queen, and people definitely know to treat me accordingly!
Author: Daphna R.
a good replacement
I lost my favorite pair of diamond studs last year, and for the longest time I was completely, completely convinced that I wasn't going to be able to find a pair I would like as much. I looked in all the department stores and everywhere else I could, but I never found anything that came even close... Then last week I found these gorgeous ones online and I made the great decision of calling and buying them. Everyone I talked to was so nice and helpful, and once I had ordered them I received them so fast! They are maybe even MORE beautiful than my lost ones, and I have been so careful ever since. But at least I know that if one of them falls out again, I will know where I can get a great replacement! What a great store! I totally recommend getting your jewelry from them!
Author: Talitha B.
The earinrgs are beuatiful
Thanks to Zoara, I have the most amazing diamond stud earrings. I was desperately looking for diamond earrings and these were perfect.
Author: Paula W.
A safe bet
You can't go wrong with an amazing pair of stud earirngs, which these earirngs are. The diamonds are guaranteed, high quality stones and the earirngs are made beautifully. Kudos!
Author: Haley R.
Add a little sparkle to your life
That's what I did! I added a little bling to my wardrobe. I love these studs, they are a great addition to my growing jewelry collection and they happen to also be my favorite piece.
Author: Kimberly N.
Amazing diamond studs
If you're looking for quality diamond stud earirngs then I really recommend this product. the diamonds are certified and their quality is unmistakable, Truly a great item.
Author: Veera S.
10 out of 10
And if I could give these studs a grade higher than 10 I would. They're incredible. I've never been so pleased with jewelry I bought online before. Truly a recommended item!
Author: Deedee C.
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