Two Tone Twist Hoop Earrings in 14k Gold

Catalog ID: D15739
These remarkable two tone gold hoops are captivatingly designed with both 14 karat white gold and 14 karat yellow gold to create an absolutely stunning piece.

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Earring Information
Metal Type 14K Two or Three Tone
Rhodium Yes
Width 3.0
Customer Reviews
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Based on 17 customer reviews
Good Value
My husband bought these earrings for me, so I don't know much about the whole ordering process, how does the item look like compared to its photo on the web site, how good was the service, etc. Generally speaking, I think that gold is overpriced, but this item has a very good value per money value. It looks great on my ears and it can serve as a present for any women in age 30-50 I would say.
Author: Heather A.
glitzy hoops
These hoops are amazing! My boyfriend bought me the hoops for Christmas and I haven't been able to take them off since. They're so glamorous. This is really an amazing product that I highly recommend.
Author: Bernadine T.
gotta love hoops
Or at least I do! I love hoop earrings and these are so beautiful. I really really wanted them and am more than happy I ordered them off of this site. The earrings are amazing and their shipment took no time at all. Everything was perfect, I'd definitely shop here again...
Author: Sandra V.
The earrings are amazing!!:):) Definitely recommended.
Author: Dina F.
Sleek hoops
These hoop earrings are so sleek and gorgeous. Everyone complements me on them. They're amazing and I'm so SO glad I decided to get them. I am never taking them off! (well, no, not never...but hardly ever;);) Definitely recommended!!
Author: Christy
Can you believe how gorgeous these are??
Hoops are kind of my thing..I love collecting hoop earrings, I have a whole bunch at home. But I've never found a pair quite like these. These hoops are so chic! And they're a great addition to my growing hoop collection (and obsession) LOL. Thanks zoara for my amazing hoops!!
Author: Minnie C.
I love hoops!
I can't tell you how much I love hoop earrings, which is why I bought these, they're lovely! Couldn't be happier with my purchase. Will undoubtedly shop zoara again.
Author: Ronda D.
Terrific hoops!
Love hoop earrings! They're so trendy! And these are really special. I love their unique shape...looks amazing dangling from my ear. Perfect:)
Author: Kitana B.
and gorgeous doesn't even begin to cover it. The hoops are stunning and their price is really very affordable. Only thing is..they've ruined me for other pairs of earrings, lol!! I love these so much I don't even want to try on my other pairs...
Author: Madison H.
Nice hoop earirngs
Very elegant, really a classy pair of hoop earrings.. Everyone tells me their absolutely gorgeous. I've never gotten so many complements on one piece of jewelry before . A great buy.
Author: Regina B.
Amazing surprise
My hubby bought me this for our last anniversary. They were an amazing surprise. He's never bought me jewelry before, and he struck it big! The hoops are beautiful. I especially have to thank zoara;s customer support for helping my guy pick the perfect gift for me.
Author: Kelis R.
The hoops are beautiful. Never owned anything so fabulous. I don't ever want to take them off.
Author: Jeanie F.
Amazing quality
The hoops are super cool, and best of all, they're very high quality. I personally can't stand jewelry that's low quality, or cheesy looking. But these hoops were perfect and I absolutely adore them.
Author: Bertha O.
Fit for a queen
These hoop earrings my boyfriend bought me make me feel like a queen. They are so LUXURIOUS! Oooo all my friends are SO jealous.
Author: Keisha987
Super cool
The hoops are so trendy, I love wearing them, everyone complements me on them and I feel like a diva! LOL! Great buy!
Author: Louis B.
I do love me some hoops!
The hoops are fabulous! It's not easy to find quality hoop earrings online. You usually get the cheap looking kind, but these are beautiful and they really look expensive. Couldn't be happier!!
Author: Tiffany S.
Love these hoops. They're so fabulous, all my girlfriends tell me so. They go great with a cute top and my ultra-sexy skinny jeans. I'm so happy I bought them! Thanks zoara!!!
Author: Penny H.
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