14k white gold

Martini Style Round 1/4 ctw Diamond Studs in 14k White Gold

Catalog ID: D403809
This classic pair of 14 karat white gold diamond studs is timeless and elegant. Each round cut diamond is 1/10 carat for a total of 1/4 carat set in a martini style three prong setting for an exquisite and elegant finish.

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Earring Information
Metal Type 14k White Gold
Rhodium Yes
Backing Push Backing
Diamond Information
Number of Diamonds 2
Diamond Shape Round
Total Carat Weight 0.23
Average Cut Very Good
Average Color I
Average Clarity SI2
Customer Reviews
total score:
Based on 27 customer reviews
The perfect pair of diamond studs
While searching for a pair of earrings that would be interview material I found this pretty pair of diamond studs. I saw them as the perfect expression of understated beauty so I placed the order. The customer support representative was very friendly and helpful and the package was delivered in perfect time. I put the earrings on as soon as they arrived and they looked exactly like they did online - simply beautiful! There's no question about it - this was an all around excellent experience!
Author: Josie T.
They look so good!
These diamond studs are now the winners of "My Most Often Worn Pieces of Jewelry" award. They look so good I see no reason to take them off! Maybe somewhere down the line I'll remove them just to clean them, but I'm sure I'll be putting them right back on the minute I can!
Author: Tricia M.
Looking for a bridesmaids gift? Look no further!
When I started planning my wedding I knew I wanted it to be spectacular. I wanted the whole affair to be as glamorous and as glitzy as possible. The budget was not an issue, and so I could afford to splurge a little when it came to my bridesmaids' gifts. I wanted to get them diamond jewelry which would match the heir loomed diamond jewelry I was planning on wearing down the aisle. So I searched online and local jewelry stores for the perfect gift. I found these earrings on the Zoara website and instantly knew they would be perfect for my bridesmaids. I ordered the earrings and made sure that they would arrive before my wedding day, so that I could hand them out at my bachlorette party. The earrings were a big hit! And my bridesmaids looked gorgeous wearing them. The earrings make for a beautiful bridesmaids gift.
Author: Lee N.
She lvoed them
I bought these earrings as an anniversary gift for my girlfriend. I thought she would find them to be glamorous and that she would love the dazzling diamonds.As i expected, my gf was super happy when I gave her the earrings. She said that they were extravagant and that luxurious. She said she really likes large earrings, and that the fact that the earrings are set with diamonds makes the earrings appear even larger and bolder. I was definitely pleased that she was happy with the earrings.
Author: Dina T.
Nothing says I love you like a pair of gorgeous diamond earrings!
When my boyfriend and I went to college I was worried that our relationship would not survive. I mean, a long distance relationship is not easy to maintain. That's why I was so concerned when he called me a month ago and told me he wanted to meet and talk. I was sure that he had met someone else and that he wanted to break up. When decided we'd meet over the holidays, back at our home town, so that we could talk things out. I was so nervous, I knew that he was having a tough time with the distance but I definitely didn't want to break up. I was prepared for the worst, so I was really caught off guard when, instead of telling me he wanted to break up, my boyfriend pulled out a jewelry box and revealed a stunning pair of diamond earrings. All he said was: 'Merry Christmas, I love you'. I was dumbfounded and relief started flooding in. It was the best moment of my life and the gorgeous diamond earrings made made it even more so.
Author: Deenie W.
Merry Christmas!
I was looking for something amazing to give my wife on Christmas day. At the time I started looking for her Christmas gift she was pregnant with our first child and her due date was Christmas eve, so we knew she would probably have to spend Christmas in the hospital I wanted her gift to symbolize my commitment and love, and how much I appreciate and respect her. I found these beautiful diamond earrings and knew she would flip over them. The online purchasing process was relatively simple and there was no problem with the authentication of my payment. The item arrived promptly and it was beautifully wrapped. It was an amazing Christmas gift, my wife was very taken with the earrings and I was very pleased with the outcome of the whole experience.
Author: Berton L.
The earirngs come highly recommended. The diamonds are amazing and very luxurious. The settings perfectly completeness the precious gemstones mounted into them and the earrings' design is simply to die for! A genuinely beautiful piece!
Author: Lyla L.
If you're looking for a timeless piece of jewelry, that will stand the test of time, these studs are the perfect choice! I bought these exact ones for my wife about half a year ago, and she loves them dearly. She uses them so often and I couldn't be happier that she enjoys wearing them so much. It might not be the cheapest of jewelry, but it will certainly last a lifetime! My wife and I are completely satisfied with it!
Author: Jim G.
I really love these studs, I think that they are simply stunning! Whenever I wear them, I feel so classy and fashion forward. They're definitely my favorite pair of earrings!
Author: Nina H.
I wouldn't trade these earrings for any other pair!
these are the best studs ever! love them...
Author: Rebecca W.
The studs are so chic
The studs are incredibly stylish and they're very versatile. I wear them to the office and to fancy dinner and cocktail parties. The earrings are a great accessory, and a gorgeous evening-to-night look.
Author: Irene G.
Whattaya know! I like diamonds!
I never thought I was the diamond type. It always seemed over the top to me and all of my earrings are silver or plastic!. But my bf bought me diamond studs for Valentines Day and so of course I didnt turn them down and I tried them on and surprisingly I really love them. It felt weird at first but I actually don't want to take them off now. They aren't too extravagant. Just very classy and beautiful. I l can like diamonds. Who knew.
Author: Annie S.
these rocks rock!
My boyfriend got me this unbelievable pair of earrings. I love it. I can't believe I own such an expensive looking piece of jewelry. I feel glamorous. I can't wait to go around and flaunt it everywhere. Diamonds are my new best friend. And my boyfriend rocks, and your rocks rock!
Author: Vanessa Y.
Wonderful Earrings!
I bought these earrings for my wife a while back, but wanted to give them to her on Christmas Eve, which is a very special day for us. Apart from it being the holiday and all, it's actually the exact date I proposed to her, precisely 5 years ago. I never bought her any diamond jewelry ever since that day, and thought that it's about time I do! So I bought these classy and elegant pair (for a wonderful price, I must add), and she loved them very much! So thanks Zoara for everything – your help is greatly appreciated!
Author: Gavin R.
i love these.
u love these studs.
Author: Pauline F.
little drops
I love drop shaped anything, so when my boyfriend Matthew asked me to show him what I think are the prettiest kinds of jewelry I showed him these beautiful drops. Then he "surprised" me with them a week and a half later. I guess it took him a little while to decide if he was going to go in for the expensive thing or not, but MAN when he decided the company sent them so fast that I got to wear them to a party on the weekend with my cute little black dress. I feel gorgeous and glamorous when I wear them, and when Matthew sees me in them he feels really happy that I love his gift so much. I definitely recommend them!
Author: Taylor J.
These earrings are simply stunning! Not only do they look wonderful in the picture, but also in person. They do not fail to impress. This is definitely one of the best online purchases I ever experienced!
Author: Tanya W.
Perfect Holiday Gift!
I bought these dangly earrings as a holiday gift for my wife, and she was totally over the moon when I gave them to her. Her exact reaction, if I recall correctly, was something like "AHHHHHHHH!!! OH MY GOD!". Seriously, she went completely nuts over these earrings! I don't think she ever loved a present as much as this one. Two thumbs up!
Author: Dan S.
Such a pleasure...
At first, I felt guilty about shelling out a nice chunk of change just to pamper myself, but when I opened the package and first put them on, the guilt faded away and pure pleasure took its place!
Author: Cadence O.
Nice studdddds
really pretty studs. studley, even.
Author: Tabitha N.
Pretty Dangle Earrings
I think that diamond earrings are a must for every girl, and these are really the nicest I've ever had. It took me a long time to decide on a pair, I had to have a lot of help from the girl on the phone...but she was very knowledgeable and really helped me figure out what I wanted. I ended up with this gorgeous pair, and I am totally, utterly, perfectly happy with them. they are just so pretty, and so worth having. They came on time and were exactly like the picture online. The site is great and I would recommend it to anyone!
Author: Nanica L.
Spoil yourself with a little bling
I bought these earirngs for myself and was very pleased with he quality of the product and its beautiful aesthetics. I just love spoiling myself and these earirngs made me feel like royalty.
Author: Andrea L.
Quality jewlery
These earirngs are a great purchase. The diamonds are beautiful, and they're very high in quality. You can't beat diamodn jewelry when it comes to value and beauty.
Author: May G.
The price is extremely moderate
These studs are great and they're very affordable, which is somewhat surprising considering the beautiful set diamonds. Anyways, the studs are great, so if you're planning on buying them: good choice.
Author: Winnie B.
Unbelievably gorgeous
Great diamond studs. I was very happy with them, they're very pretty and they look very expensive (even though they were relatively affordable). Great product Zoara.
Author: Tamara D.
beautiful diamond studs
I am extremely happy with this purchase. These studs made a great birthday gift for my best friend who just had her first baby. I figured that diamond studs would be a great gift- simple, and classic. I particualrly liked the martini style setting which is shallow, stylish and simple. The price was very reasonable, and I found the ordering process to be quite simple. Great experience all 'round.
Author: Rina C.
Sleek diamond studs
I bought these studs for my girlfriend's 30th birthday. It was just the right gift to show her how much I care about her, and I figured that they would be something she could wear almost every day. And I think I was right. She really loves them, and I've seen her wear them and show them off to friends a number of times already.
Author: Jacob B.
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