14k white gold

Four Prong Round 1/4 ctw Diamond Studs in 14k White Gold

Catalog ID: D10006
This classic pair of 14 karat white gold diamond studs exudes timeless elegance. Each round cut diamond is 1/8 carat for a total of 1/4 carat and set in four prongs for an exquisite and elegant finish.

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Earring Information
Metal Type 14k White Gold
Rhodium Yes
Diamond Information
Number of Diamonds 2
Diamond Shape Round
Total Carat Weight 0.23
Average Cut Very Good
Average Color I
Average Clarity SI2
Customer Reviews
total score:
Based on 22 customer reviews
Incredible diamond studs!
The diamond stud earrings I just got are incredible! The quality is really outstanding and they look so elegant and sophisticated, I can't wait to wear them out tonight (and many more nights....)!
Author: Dana B.
Just couldn't give these up!
Yowza! These are one helluva pair of earrings. I ordered them for my best friend to give to her at her bridal shower, but I gotta say, when I opened the box I loved them so much that I decided to keep them for myself... Is that evil of me? I had also ordered a diamond pendant necklace for myself, which I gave her instead. Oh well...
Author: Lonnie P.
Great earrings for any occasion!
I think diamond studs are the best kind of earrings to have because they're simple, delicate, and beautiful. But it's not every day you come across a pair of diamond studs of this level of quality at such a great price. They're just right for any occasion, day or night. This pair if earrings is now my absolute fav!
Author: Yanna K.
Here's to spoiling my wife rotten.
I couldn't decide whether to get my wife these diamond stud earrings or a pair of diamond dangle earrings for Christmas, so I figured I'd get her both of them and she could choose - and then I would return the other pair. Bad idea, fellas. Don't make the same mistake I did. She said she loved both of them so much that she couldn't choose, and of course I'm totally whipped, so of course she ended up keeping both of them.
Author: Dominic A.
i think diamond studs are the prettiest kind of jewelry that a person can wear. they are so ridiculously classy and all the movie stars love them. my grandmother is rich and always gets me the nicest birthday presents. this year she bought me these amazing studs and i was so excited because they are just so beautiful. i put them on right away and i haven't taken them off. the best thing about them-other than the great quality-is that they don't irritate my ears like some studs do. i always have trouble with getting infections, but these are great. i don't think i need another pair of earrings now that i have them! thanks!!!!
Author: Tracey R.
studs galore!
my boyfriend is loaded and he really knows how to shop. last night he popped out these amazing diamond studs as a new year's gift... early... which means that he will totally be giving me something else tomorrow... and man i hope it's another pair of these incredibly gorgeous studs! wowowow! they are the most beautiful earrings i have ever owned, and they are super fly, too! i have never owned any kind of diamond jewelry which was hip enough that you don't have to totally dress up in order to match it. these studs are both dressy ( obviously because they are diamonds) and also very casual and i wore them this morning with a cute pink boucle sweater from victoria's secret and looked cute and laid back when my family came over. i was so proud to look so good and also so underdone at the same time. and then all my family noticed my gorgeous earrings and were gathering around and just looking at each one (i had to take them off and show them to everyone) and we had the nicest time. it was like christmas morning all over again! i love my boyfriend and i love these earrings!!!! :)
Author: Charlotte P.
I feel like Beyonce or something
All of my earrings are stud earrings but I NEVER had any diamond jewelry and now my dad came out of nowhere and bought me these diamond studs. It's soooo weird to have such expensive classic jewelry but I love it I can't take them off and I take a peek at myself whenever I pass by a mirror or a glass building, to get a glimpse of how these babies look on. I love them. I feel like a pop star or something!
Author: Nicole M.
good diamond studs!
I really mean it...they are great! good value and good design. i love them...i never want to wear anythign else!
Author: Jennifer P.
Fantastic quality
I received the diamonds I ordered for my wife Jody. These are great quality as I had hoped they would be (but was a little apprehensive about the online purchase.) their quality shows and Jody looks even more beautiful than she always does. I'm very pleased and if I need to buy jewelry again, I'm sure Zoara will be my first stop. Thank you. A satisfied buyer.
Author: George L.
Loved the site, loved the product
I found the site very convenient and the customer service guy very friendly. And today I got the earrings for my fiance. I'm going to give them to her for Valentines Day dinner. She loves earrings and I know these will look just gorgeous on her. They look expensive and very well cut, although the price I must say was among the most reasonable I've come across online. I can't wait to give them to Vanessa. Thank you, Zoara, this has been a very good experience for me as a buyer.
Author: Michael D.
I love the way I look in these earrings!
My mother gave me these earrings for my birthday - she went all out, and I just love them so much. I mainly love how they make me feel about how I look. They have totally boosted my self esteem, and I walk around feeling really beautiful in them. This is a very big deal. I know expensive jewelry shouldn't matter, but this is just really beautiful and wearing it makes me feel rare and pretty. I hold my head up high in these. I feel pretty in them.
Author: Gabriella N.
i love diamond stud earrings
These kinds of earrings are just so my style, and I really think they are classy. I get why they cost what they cost, because obviously diamonds are precious gems and the quality of the earrings is greats. They're amazing!
Author: Nina H.
gotta love em
Diamond studs are the prettiest kind of earrings...I mean, they are diamonds for one thing, and I love studs. I shaved my head a month ago and ever since I've been wearing studs because they actually stand out great on a bald head and they make me feel really girly even thought I seriously have no hair. These are the nicest cut, and everyone says they bring out my eyes... I feel pretty, and for a bald girl to feel really pretty like this is probably really uncommon. I love them, and I think you will too, even if you have a whole lot of hair!
Author: Jane J.
I love a good stud
These are seriously nice studs...probably the best I've ever seen. The setting of the diamonds is particularly unique, but not in a silly or dated way. The thing I like with diamond jewelry is that it be fashionable and trendy while not being something that will be super-dated in a short time. You don't want to spend money on diamond jewelry only to have it look silly 10 months later! These really do it for me. They are precious looking, and really classic...like something you could imagine Ava Gardner wearing. It just brings me one more level of glam all day long...and I feel like a million bucks! I would definitely recommend this store, they have it all and they really know how to make a girl feel really pretty.
Author: Allyson A.
i love them studs
I think diamond studs are the sweetest jewelry item you can buy. When I saw these, I knew I had to have them, I was just nervous about buying online for the very first time. I shouldn't have been, though, because the customer service was so good...everyone was so helpful, everything was so clear, they made me feel totally at ease and then the studs came and were just as perfect as was promised. I am totally, totally happy with my purchase and I plan on trying to get something else here sometime very soon! Big thanks and looking forward!
Author: Janelle L.
Fantastic studs
What can I say? I love these studs, it feels as though they were made for me. They are stunning and I wouldn't give them up for anything. They are the ultimate accessory.
Author: Kirsten D.
Get your diamond studs here
I bought these same diamond studs and they were exceptional. The diamonds are great, not too big or overbearing and not to small so that they disappear. Simply perfect.
Author: Sally P.
Simple and Stunning!
I love wearing jewelery every day but I just can't get away with rings and bracelets because I work with my hands in a lab all day. When my husband bought me these diamond studs it was the greatest diamond give he could ever have given me. I wear them every day and they are just perfect for the lab. I'm so happy I can finally add a little sparkle to the daily grind!
Author: Charlotte B.
SO sweet
My boyfriend got me the largest karat that Zoara had to offer in this style because he knows how much I love to shine in a crowd. I usually wear drop diamond earrings but when I saw the beautiful quality of these diamond studs I was officially converted to a simple and gorgeous stone. Who needs lots of little diamonds when you can rock the big kahuna diamonds in both ears!
Author: Gracie B.
Fantastic Quality
The zoara suppliers must really know their stuff, because I can tell you that the diamond studs I ordered from the site are superior quality. My grandfather used to be in the diamond industry when he lived in South Africa, so I was quite nervous to go to his house for supper wearing my new diamond earrings. I was afraid he'd say they weren't as good as Zoara vouched for- but it was quite the opposite! He said that that earrings were superb and the jeweler did an excellent job in setting them. I could not be happier because I truly trust him- and my new earrings!
Author: Candence B.
Stunning earrings
My husband bought these earrings for me for my birthday. I think they're wonderful - I think the diamonds are really nice and most importantly I like how they look on me! No complaints!
Author: Lizzy M.
Awesome engagement
My fiance bought these for me and proposed to me with them. See, I work in a lab all day and any jewelry I own will get ruined. So I don't wear rings or necklaces for the most part. But earrings - I love earrings and wear them all the time! These diamond earrings are just awesome - I was surprised when he said he actually got them online - and I'm super happy with them!
Author: Cassie P.
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