Citrine Dangle Earrings in 14k Yellow Gold

Catalog ID: D856
This gorgeous pair of 14 karat yellow gold earrings features a luminous citrine gemstone to create an exquisitely delicate and a gracefully stylish look.

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Earring Information
Metal Type 14k Yellow Gold
Rhodium No
Backing Push Backing
Gemstone Information
Type(s) Citrine
Customer Reviews
total score:
Based on 16 customer reviews
Link earrings are the coolest!
Link earrings are the coolest! I just love the way they give any outfit an edge!
Author: Shelly A.
Like mother like daughter
The only negative thing I have to say about my new link earrings is that I can't wear them around my 7 month daughter! If she sees me wearing them she's just got to get her little fingers into one of those links and give it a tug. What can I say - she has great taste, must be learning something from her mama!
Author: Alina S.
She lvoed them!
My girl loved these earrings I got her off of your site. She said they're gorgeous:) I'm so happy I could make her happy and relieved that she loves them. I couldn't be happier.
Author: Gil B.
Wow gorgeous
The earrings are gorgeous and the citrines are stunning!! I'm blown away by how beautiful these earrings are. I couldn't imagine a mroe gorgeous pair:):) so Happy I got them!!
Author: Lee Y.
The earrings are amazing!!!!! I love gemstone earrings. there's something so incredibly unique about them. And these earrings are truly one of a kind.
Author: Jenny G.
Oooo stunning
Ladies, let me tell you these earrings are stunning!!! I The citrines are so luminous and I just fell absolutely gorgeous wehn I put them on:) Definitely a recommended piece of jewelry!!
Author: Linnie R.
I love the citrines..
I wasn't sure I'd love these earrings my bf got me. I thought that I'd much prefer diamond earrings but when the earrings arrived and I tried them on I saw how gorgeous they really ere and was ecstatic. I'm so glad that he decided to get me citrine earrings instead.
Author: Tara J.
Gorgeous gemstone earrings
I absolutely adore citrines..they're my birthstone! But it's hard to find quality citrine jewelry since, for some reason, citrines are usually set in low quality, base metals. So you can imagine how incredibly happy I was to find these earrings. They're really high quality and the gold setting is amazing. I'm so pleased:):)
Author: Mia P.
Stunning, stunning, stunning! The most amazing dangly earrings I have ever bought for myself. I'm so glad I decided to spoil myself and get the earrings. They're my absolute favorite:):)
Author: Misty H.
Loved 'em!!
The earrings are really very stunning and truly one of a kind. I don't usually go for gemstone earrings but these caught my eye and I'm so happy trey did cause they make me feel absolutely gorgeous. Definitely recommended:)
Author: Nikki M.
The earrings are superb. The design is amazing and the citrine's add tons of glam and elegance to the earrings. Two thumbs up!!
Author: Ering L.
Incredibly beautiful
Love dangling earrings, and especially love these citrine earrings. Never owned citrine jewelry before but now I'm hooked! Will definitely look for more gemstone jewelry on your site:) Cheers!!
Author: Talula W.
The earrings are perfection
Just perfect! These earrings are amazing. I just love the warm glow of the citrine's and how they complement my skin tone. I never knew gemstone jewelry could be this pretty:)
Author: Emmie T.
5 star dangling earrings
These earrings get top marks from me. They're absolutely stunning. I'm so pleased with them that I think I'll look for a matching bracelet or a matching necklace next, I've become completely obsessed with gemstone jewelry now;) LOL
Author: Amy R.
I love these citrine earrins...
They're perfect:) Got them for Christmas and am so ecstatic. I even wore them to my sister's wedding. The citrines' beautiful hue perfectly matched my custard yellow bridesmaids dress:) I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Highly recommended:)
Author: Krista G.
Hurray for gemstone earrings
I know most women prefer diamond earrings, but these citrine earrings are so gorgeous, they're on a whole new level really:) I absolutely adore them and wouldn't exchange them for anything:):)
Author: Esther C.
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