14k white gold

Bezel Set Solitaire Dangle Earring in Palladium

Catalog ID: D393875
These palladium earrings feature a modern and sleek design. Each earring holds a brilliant round bezel set diamond for a total of 1/4 carat creating a contemporary design.

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Earring Information
Metal Type Palladium
Rhodium No
Diamond Information
Number of Diamonds 2
Diamond Shape Round
Total Carat Weight 0.23
Average Cut Very Good
Average Color I
Average Clarity SI2
Customer Reviews
total score:
Based on 35 customer reviews
hallelujah i finally bought a successful gift for a woman!
I bought these earrings for my wife for our fifth anniversary and they were a total hit. She's looks so elegant when she wears them, but they have a touch of the youthful and mischievous as well - so it's a perfect combination. She likes wearing them for dress up occasions and for casual occasions too. They were a great choice and highly recommended.
Author: Doc Gary
Great earrings
I wasn't expecting a big gift for our first wedding anniversary, after we spent so much on the engagement and wedding rings, the wedding and our amazing honeymoon to Cuba. I thought we'd take it easy on the anniversary gifts and instead do something low key to celebrate one year. But apparently my husband had different ideas completely! He bought me these absolutely extravagant and gorgeous diamond stud earrings, and I only got him a new cordless mouse for his computer... I was so embarrassed! I pretended that the mouse pad was just a sneak preview at what I was really planning to get him - and that night I went out and bought him a new laptop computer. Anyway, it all worked out in the end, and I absolutely adore these earrings. I wore them to my husband's office Christmas party and I his colleagues didn't stop complementing me on them all night.
Author: Peggy R.
Great for a bride
I got these earrings to wear at my wedding, and they perfectly complemented my bridal getup. My wedding dressing had a high neckline, so I couldn't really wear a necklace with it, and I needed a different piece of jewelry to add some more glitter to my ootfit. These diamond studs were the perfect thing! I had my hair swept up and they looked dazzling. I think i got more 'wow's on these earrings than on my bridal gown! Plus, I can get a lot more wear out of them than the taffeta marshmellow i walked down the aisle in.
Author: Shelly W.
Diamond studs forever
I own a lot of stud earrings from gold, silver and platinum - but these were my first pair of real diamond stud earrings and WOW! I'm a convert. All the rest of my studs pale in comparison with these earrings. I think I've found myself a new addiction... I just can't wait to get another pair!
Author: Mixie E.
Diva chic
My husband bought me a pair of diamond studs before our wedding, and I lost them on our honeymoon! I was so devastated, because they were really gorgeous. My husband offered to buy me the same pair to replace the others, and we were picking them out together out of Zoara's online catalog, when I saw these diamond studs and it was love at first sight! They're totally smokin' !
Author: Anastasia C.
Dazzling diamonds
The earrings are GORGEOUS! I simply love the earring's design, it is incredibly fabulous. I feel like a movie star when I'm wearing the earrings, Couldn't have asked for a better product! Recommended!!
Author: Neela
Beautiful craftsmanship
I got these earrings as a Christmas gift from my parents. The earrings are gorgeous. I was amazed by the intricacy of design and by the spectacular craftsmanship that went into making this item. A spectacular Christmas gift, absolutely stunning.
Author: Whitney D.
An amazing alternative to an engagement ring
I prefer not to wear rings. I have very sensitive skin and the metal band always aggravates it. That's why, when it came to my engagement, I knew I didn't want an engagement ring and that I would never wear it. I let my fiance know that I preferred that he not get me an engagement ring or a wedding band. He said he understood and assured me that he would not get me an engagement ring. Incidentally, we had gotten engaged a month before my birthday, and so on my birthday I got a sparkly surprise. Apparently, he had decided to get me a pair of dangling diamond earrings as a birthday and engagement present. He figured since I didn't want to wear a ring he would get me something equally gorgeous and sentimental as an alternative diamond engagement ring. The earrings are amazing and they are definitely better than a plain old engagement ring.
Author: Danielle S.
Couldn't be happier
The earrings were beautiful. The diamonds were high quality and flawless in appearance. The item arrived promptly and in perfect condition. Great service. Very recommended.
Author: China B.
Beautiful aesthetics
At first glance the earrings seemed to me like they were a little too much, a little too overdone. However, when I took a closer look at the earrings I found that the overall aesthetic was elegant and classy, that the diamonds were beautifully shaped and set and that the earrings looked tasteful and luxurious. I ended up ordering the item and was not at all disappointed. The earrings are very wearable, and are a definitely a great accessory.
Author: Carol
ane extremely satisfied customer
My girlfriend's birthday was coming up and I was unsure of what I should get her. I wanted to really surprise her with some beautiful jewelry. That's why I chose these earirngs.They looked extravagant and stunning, not to mention affordable.I was all set to order the item, I filled out the online form and everything, and then, just before I clicked on 'complete purchase' I took a second look at the earirngs and I got cold feet. I wasn't entirely sure that the earirngs were my girlfriend's taste. I was worried that she might not like them. I was very conflicted about the purchase so I thought I might be able to get some help from customer support. I rang them up and shared my concerns and hesitates with the nice sales woman who answered. She was very polite and patient. She had a look at the item and assured me that it was very high quality and that the earirngs weren't too much and that she was sure my girlfriend would love them. She told me that if my girlfriend happened to not like the earrings then I would be able to exchange them for another items, just as long as I make sure that my girlfriend does not try on the earirngs first. Mollified, I rolled the dice and placed the order. The earrings arrived on time and in great condition. And, I am happy to report that my girlfriend was ecstatic when I gave her the earirngs. She says that they are perfect. All in all, it was a great shopping experience. Thanks Zoara!
Author: Dantheman658
A very special present for a very special lady
My mother's taste is very particular. She knows what she likes. That's why it was so important for me to get her jewelry she'd love, and that she'd want to wear. I bought her these earirngs for mother's day since I knew she wouldn't go for birthstone jewelry which was a customary mother's day gift. It was diamonds or nothing! And since she is so picky, I had to be careful in my selections. These earirngs were the perfect gift for her. She loved them. She thought that the design was very classy and age-appropriate and that the diamonds looked phenomenal. These earirngs were the perfect mother's day gift.
Author: Donald B.
Awesome Earrings!
I love casually browsing through jewelry sites and looking out for great bargains online. When I saw these beautiful earrings, I wanted to buy them straight away. They have such an incredible design to them, and their price is very reasonable. I'm happy to say that they just arrived this morning via courier, and I couldn't feel more satisfied with them! They're a wonderful pair of earrings, and I'm sure anyone else will feel exactly the same way.
Author: Bargainlady234
Excellent Valentine's Day Gift
If you're looking for a good Valentine's Day gift, then look no further… These beautiful earrings will definitely be appreciated by your wife/girlfriend, speaking from experience! Linda, my girlfriend, loved them and couldn't stop complimenting me on my wonderful choice of jewelry!
Author: Rick T.
Gorgeous earirngs
The earrings are superb. They really make me feel special and glamorous. Perfect.
Author: Miriam G.
beautiful diamond drop
my husband has the best taste! he knows that i really love diamonds. and this christmas he bought me the most gorgeous dangling diamond drop on a gorgeous platinum chain. i couldn't believe how thoughtful he was, and how nice it was to get such an amazing present. he ordered it only a couple days before christmas, he said, but they still sent it in just enough time so that it came before the big day and he could present it to me in his sweet way! Thanks so much, it really made christmas special!!!!
Author: Louise M.
diamond + studs= beautiful
I seriously do not know what could be better. The classic elegance of diamonds on the age-old, super-hip stud trend. I've seen all my idols (like Rihanna, J-Lo, and Christina Aguilera) wearing jewelry like this, and finally I have some of my own. It was great to be able to find these so easily, and even better that ordering them was fast and painless and that they came to my house only a few days later. It's a great store, and these are a great deal for really chic and trendy fashion. I will definitely be back for more, soon!
Author: Delia S.
A spectacular pair of earrings!
I've always been really into diamond jewelry, but usually there's really not too much of it than I can afford. That's why I was so happy when I saw the price for this pair of earrings - finally, a gorgeous pair of diamond danglers I can actually afford! The customer service rep was so nice and the delivery came right on time - a totally excellent experience! And the earrings themselves are of amazing quality, especially considering the great price.
Author: Tegan
Gorgeous studs!
I love wearing stud earrings (I think that this shape is the most flattering for any woman), but I find that when I go out with my girlfriends I'd like to wear something a bit more glitzy. So I found that Diamond covered studs are the perfect solution for turning your everyday studs to evening wear jewelry. I've always wanted a pair like these, but I guess I never had the money to afford it. That is, of course, until I bumped across Zoara's website! I found these studs to be exactly within my price limit, and I immediately made the order. Ever since then, I've been a very happy costumer and I always boast about Zoara to all my friends. Thank you so much! I love your gorgeous studs!
Author: Ebony W.
Dangly dangles
I love dangle earrings. I have all different kinds at home, but these are my favorite pair. Firstly, they are diamonds! Who can go wrong with diamonds! Secondly, they are such a cute shape and go well with everything I wear. Thirdly, I had such a nice experience buying them that this company is by far my favorite. They made me feel relaxed and they didn't pressure me into anything. I really felt almost like I was on the phone with a good friend. A very knowledgeable good friend. The earrings came so fast to my house, and were just what I was looking for. They are pretty expensive anyway, but they look like they are worth twice what I paid for them. Fantastic quality and freaking amazing craftsmanship. I am proud to wear them and even though I never leave comments I felt like I had to say something to support this great company! I completely recommend their stuff!
Author: Daphne P.
Beautiful diamond earrings
The reactions I've gotten every time I wear these diamond drop earrings are enough to assure me that this was an excellent purchase! People are always asking me where I got them and telling me how they just light up my face... These earrings were worth every red cent I paid for them and more!
Author: Jess U.
Diamonds are Claaaasss
I love diamonds and I love studs (like most people, I think) and these earrings really do it for me. All the jewelry on this site is gorgie, but these studs are the best. I bought them a week ago and I got them within 5 days and I've been wearing them every minute. I just take them off to sleep in. They are so pretty, and I feel like a total fashion plate...plus DIAMONDS! How can you go wrong? You can't. I would totally recommend them, I wish I could buy a million pairs... Seriously. Love love love love.
Author: Della B.
Dangling earrings that are truly beautiful
I love the way this pair of earrings just blends in with my hair but still gives me that special bit of sparkle. I feel so beautiful when I wear them!
Author: Sasha R.
big fan
I love diamonds, but I've never owned a pair of diamond earrings. I always thought they were too casual, and sometimes I've even though that they look kind of trashy and not very nice in general...but after searching online here and finding these earrings, I was convinced to purchase them. The woman who helped me promised that I would like them, and that nothing I used to think about diamond earrings would prove true, and she was completely right! All my friends wanted to know where I got them and I get compliments all the time on how classy and sparkly they are. Really high quality workmanship, and such great service to make the deal even sweeter! Thanks so much for all the great help, I make sure that I am back soon for some more jewelry!
Author: Lucinda De Soto
Diamond studs Glamtastic
I love diamond studs...I've never written a review on anything like this before, but these are by far the nicest studs I've ever had. They are so gorgeous that I even bought a second pair and my boy Riley wears one in his ear, too. They are shiny and sparkly, but they aren't silly looking. If I have to leave the hood I can wear them with a black outfit and no one knows the difference. Besties! Yah!
Author: Joelly
gotta LOVE the studs
I love diamond studs and especially these. The way they are cut and set makes the studs super unique beautiful, and they really catch the light. Everything the customer service representative said was so completely true. I felt really happy with them when they came int heir cute little box, and really surprised at how quickly they arrived. Great service and wonderful quality. I feel like I can trust them, since this is the second good purchase I've made and I was totally happy with both...and I check and they have a wonderful return policy, so you never have to worry. Definitely a worthwhile purchase, and a good company to support!
Author: Diana F.
beautiful little drops
I love these drop earrings. They are totally classic, totally classy...they really make me happy. I look so cute in them and they go with every outfit I own. I try not to wear them all the time so that they're still super-special (they are diamond earrings, after all...) but they are just so cute that I can't resist putting them on. I feel like a princess even in jeans when I'm wearing them, and it just makes a big difference in my self esteem. Anyway, I completely recommend them and think this company is so totally great! Thank you!
Author: Lizzie H.
Classic Diamond earrings
I love these earrings... but who could resist a pair of diamond studs, anyway. They are just so classic and worth wearing...and they make me feel like a million bucks. I try not to wear them everywhere, since I want to save them for special occasions, but they are just too cute not to put on, and they look great with everything I wear. They look just like they do in the picture online, and the customer service is so good that if you don't love this style they will find you something you are sure to love! I recommend!!!
Author: Nicholine R.
I love love love these studs! They are the nicest earrings I've ever had, and definitely the most classic pair of studs I've ever seen on anyone. They are fantastic quality, and they go with every single thing that I wear. I don't know if I'll ever take them off. Yesterday my best friend Jennifer asked if she could wear them to a date with some guy, and even though I usually lend her anything that she wants, I couldn't bring myself to give them up to her. I hope she understands...I just really don't want to take them off!
Author: Davita J.
Exceeding expectations
The earirngs really exceeded my expectations. They're really high quality and they look every bit as stunning as I imagined they would be. A recommended purchase.
Author: Veronica S.
Ice ice baby!
The diamonds set into these earirngs are incredible. They're so sparkly, and they really make the earirngs stand out. Gorgeous!
Author: Taylor N.
An amazing gift
My girlfriend's birthday was coming up and I was at a complete loss as to what I should get her. I knew she had once bought jewelry from this website so I thought I'd give it a look. I have to admit, I was a little overwhelmed by the huge selection and I was confused about the different types of earrings, rings, bracelets, etc. I called customer support and asked them to help me out. The sales rep. was great. She helped me navigate the site and decide what kind of jewelry I wanted and could afford. I ended up getting these earrings and they turned out to be a great purchase. My girlfriend loved them.
Author: Phil O.
Brilliant design
I love these earirngs, mainly because their design is so impressive. I appreciate well made jewelry and I absolutely adore wearing jewelry that's cleverly designed. Very recommended.
Author: Nicky P.
Amazing diamond jewelry
I highly recommend these earrings. They are unbelievably beautiful. They'd make an amazing gift for virtually any occasion. Not to mention that they're an amazing bargain.
Author: Tammy P.
Classy studs
The studs are really classy and they're very elegant. They're quality is magnificent and their design is absolutely flawless. I highly recommend these earrings.
Author: Finn23
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