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Wedding rings, anniversary rings and more, view Zoara's exquisite selection of diamond rings and find the perfect one for you.

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A pair of diamond earrings can add sparkle to your look. View Zoara's alluring selection of classic diamond studs, hoops and more.

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Vintage and modern adaptations of the traditional diamond eternity necklace, and other unique designs to suit your taste and budget.

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From timeless a solitaire pendant to a contemporary faith-inspired piece, Zoara's pendants are adorned with the finest cut diamonds for the most radiant sparkle.

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Diamond Jewelry

Exquisite, delicate, and timeless. Diamond Jewelry is the perfect gift for any occasion, whether it be an anniversary, a birthday, an engagement, or simply because. Zoara's diamond professionals and design specialists have carefully selected each piece in our eclectic collection of diamond jewelry with our customers in mind. Whether it be a pair of princess-cut diamond Stud Earrings, or your fianc?'s radiant solitaire engagement ring, we are confident that you'll find your next piece of diamond jewelry here with us among our exceptional collection of diamond jewelry and Wedding Rings.

The roots of the word "diamond" can be traced back to the Greek word "adamas", meaning unconquerable or indestructible. It is not only the hardest material on earth, but has been forever revered as the ultimate symbol of perfection and divine beauty. Diamond jewelry has for centuries been admired as a natural phenomenon imbued with magical qualities: The ancient Hindus believed that diamonds symbolized purity, wisdom and strength, the Romans believed them to be splinters from falling stars, and Greek tradition regarded diamonds as the tears of gods.

Today, diamond jewelry is known as a symbol of love and endurance, beauty and rarity. It can be simple, ornate, sentimental or ordinary, and always makes an ideal gift. A Diamond Necklace can say "you're beautiful", and an anniversary diamond ring can remind the one closest to you that they are loved and appreciated. Zoara is proud to be your exclusive online retailer for diamonds, diamonds Engagement Rings and diamond jewelry. Come browse our exquisite collection of Diamond Rings, earrings, Bracelets, Necklaces and pendants, and take your time finding that perfect piece and Learn About Diamond Jewelry.