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Phoenix Jewelry

Arizona's major cosmopolitan center and the fifth largest city in the US, Phoenix is a truly hot destination. In fact, it has the hottest climate of all major US cities, with temperatures reaching over 100º F three consecutive months each year. Located in the Northern Sonoran Desert, Phoenix is a flat, desert city with a spacious sky, bright stars and spectacular sunsets. It's probably known best for its cowboys, cactuses and southwestern canyons, but today Phoenix is quickly evolving into a high-tech, telecommunications center and home for pioneering scientific research. Thankfully this tech boom hasn't left the arts out in the sun. Phoenix hosts a vibrant art and music scene, with a number of well known art museums, art galleries and music festivals. In fact, the city has spawned such country and rock musicians as Stevie Nicks and Wayne Newton. Dining out is always a great option in Phoenix, renowned for its delicious Mexican fare, and you can work off any excess calories hiking through any of the city's numerous parks and recreation sites.

Shopping is popular pastime in Phoenix, and the city abounds in shopping malls and outdoor shopping strips. With 300 days of sunshine every year, wandering through the city's many outdoor shopping venues can be a pleasant way to spend any afternoon. For upscale jewelry shopping, head to the Biltmore Fashion Park, a lovely district where the fine shops are interspersed with a lush green landscape and fountains. Biltmore is home to dozens of designer brands and reliable sources for excellent quality diamond engagement rings, diamond bracelets, pearl jewelry and custom made diamond jewelry. Desert Ridge is also a great pedestrian oriented shopping village, with jewelry boutiques offering a range of diamond engagement rings and wedding rings, plus fabulous dining and entertainment options to wind down after a day of jewelry shopping.


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