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Las Vegas Jewelry

The casino capital of the US, Las Vegas is a world unto itself. Better known as Sin City thanks to the myriad temptations and vices offered on every street corner, Las Vegas was once known as a gangster's paradise. Of course, the gambling options in Vegas are still infinite, but nowadays, the city is a playground for adults and children alike: a bustling tourist town, open all day and all night long. Billed as the "Entertainment Capital of the World", this city glitters with glamour and lavish resorts, exclusive clubs, five-star restaurants and classy bars. You'll find that there's plenty to do besides gambling your dollars away at the many casinos. Take the kids to an amusement park or wander through one of the numerous museums and galleries. Catch a phenomenal live show or music concert, or line up to see one of Las Vegas' world-class exhibitions. Take some time to sightsee and shop, and just soak in the over-the-top glitzy vibe.

Las Vegas is renowned for its jewelry stores. As a city that caters to the thousands of tourists who skip off for a quickie wedding, Las Vegas boast several 24-hour jewelry shops that offer women's and men's wedding rings, engagement rings and other diamond jewelry for these eloping lovers. Caesar's Palace and The Venetian casinos each house magnificent shopping malls, replete with exclusive brands and fine jewelry stores. The Fashion Show Mall and Shoppes at the Palazzo great luxury retail centers as well. What better way to unload the money you raked in at the Blackjack tables than splurging on a princess cut diamond ring or a gold and diamond pendant necklace? At nearly every casino, hotel or resort you will be able to find a high-quality jewelry boutique with exceptional selections of fine jewelry for every occasion.


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