14k white gold

Two Tone Link Bracelet in 14k White & Yellow Gold

Catalog ID: D894
This stunning two tone link bracelet is beautifully crafted with both 14 karat white gold and 14 karat yellow gold to create a unique and dramatic design.

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Bracelet Information
Metal Type 14K Two or Three Tone
Clasp Magnetic
Width 6.3 mm
Length 7.25 "
Rhodium Yes
Customer Reviews
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Based on 5 customer reviews
link jewelry is cool
i have the link earrings and bracelets from this store, too...they are all gorgeous, and i really love them. good quality, nice service, not too pricey for me to buy what i want...but way nicer looking than you would ever expect. i will definitely buy here in the future, and i hope they keep having lots of link jewelry! :)
Author: Suzanna B.
Link Braclets are so Classy
I really think this bracelet is the nicest one I've ever had. It's just so classic and I basically never go out without it. I love how it transfers to all my outfits so effortlessly, I don't have to think about it too much and it seems to match all the other jewelry I wear. I want to buy another, soon, especially because I get worried that I'll lose it and I would miss it SO much if I did. It's just such a beautiful piece and it makes me feel girly and feminine when I have it on! Thanks!
Author: Nina P.
Colors are awesome!
I love the contrast in colors between white and yellow gold - it makes such an unusual look and people always ask me about. Plus, the price was awesome and not way beyond what a normal person can afford!
Author: Amanda P.
A nice piece
I finally got something right because my wife didn't get mad at me for getting her jewelry! In fact, she loved the bracelet and said that she now trusts me to get her jewelry since I finally figured out what she likes. She now wears this different colored bracelet all over and never seems to go anywhere with out it!
Author: Louis D.
I just got this bracelet from my fiance and whoa! This is really something else! The links look so cool and it makes me look so much more sophisticated when I wear it....like right now! Everyone should have one of these!
Author: Hayley D.
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