Two Tone Bracelet in 14k Yellow & White Gold

Catalog ID: D981
This gorgeous 7 inch two-tone bracelet beautifully combines 14 karat yellow gold oval links and beads beautifully enhanced by the 14 karat white gold chains.

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Bracelet Information
Metal Type 14K Two or Three Tone
Clasp Fancy Lobster
Width 1.4-2.3 mm
Length 7 "
Rhodium Yes
Customer Reviews
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Based on 8 customer reviews
A beautiful bracelet with a distinct design that makes it special and fun to wear.
Author: Katrina W.
Simple Style
This is a bracelet that anyone can wear. I would even dare to call it unisex. It is not too thick, not too thin, not too feminine and not too masculine. In that respect it's a wonderful gift for almost anyone since the high quality of design and crafting is very obvious. Plus, it's not too heavy to wear on a daily basis. I'm happy with my purchase.
Author: Kennith M.
Thought it would be bigger
When I bought the bracelet, I thought it would be a bit bigger than it is. It looks really nice anyway, so I kept it. I wear it quite frequently now.
Author: Mindy P.
This is a super cute bracelet
I really like this style of bracelet, it's just a really cute design. Better than that is the great customer service I received, and the fact that the bracelet was everything I was hoping for, and really just looked so cute and nice and perfect for what I wanted. It's made so well, and shines, and everyone who sees it compliments me on it. I guess they just cant help themselves because its so seriously cute. I'm glad I found this site and got this bracelet...its my best buy in a long time, and I'm an extremelly satisfied customer !
Author: Venice J.
Truly Unique!
This bracelet is so unique! I seldom see pieces of jewelry that are two-toned, much less with the same metal. My grandmother bought me it for my birthday and I love it. It's so cool looking and I love the design!
Author: Diana S.
Metal Coolness
My husband bought me this for our wedding anniversary and I'm so thrilled! I have a penchant for gold and love how it sparkles in the sun. I wear my new bracelet everywhere and constantly get compliments. Thanks Zoara ~!
Author: Francesca V.
I couldn't believe what I was seeing when my fiance gave me this bracelet on the spur of the moment! I had never seen anything so shiny and stunning looking before. I pestered him as to where he got it and he said he got it online and I didn't believe him! So I checked and for your site and voila! There my bracelet was. I'm love this bracelet and I wear it together with my engagement ring, which my fiance apparently also got from Zoara but never told me!
Author: Jenna H.
A Total Steal
I was looking for a nice piece of jewelry for my wife since I hadn't gotten her anything of sort in a while. So I did my research but wasn't really satisfied so I decided I would call the customer service of the next website I came across. I was in luck because Zoara clearly has the knowledge when and where it counts! I bought this bracelet and totally surprised my wife with it and she can't seem to get over the fact that I got such a nice piece of jewelry online for a reasonable price. Needless to say, you've made my wife very happy!
Author: Sam T.
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