Curb Link Bracelet in 14k Yellow Gold

Catalog ID: D881
This exquisite curb link bracelet design is crafted from 14 karat yellow gold to create a timeless and elegant piece of jewelry.

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Bracelet Information
Metal Type 14k Yellow Gold
Clasp Magnetic
Width 5.5 mm
Length 7 "
Customer Reviews
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Based on 8 customer reviews
A delight!
I bought this bracelet for my daughter after she had her first child. She was absolutely delighted. It's a stunning bracelet, and it makes her looks stunning when she wears it. We're both very pleased with the quality and fit of the bracelet.
Author: Margarie O.
In heaven!
To quote my girlfriend when I gave her the bracelet, it makes her feel like she's "In heaven".
Author: Steve T.
Like it
It is a great bracelet. I had a sense that there are mixed opinions about this one, but once I got it I saw the high quality clasp and the beautiful metal. This is the first time that the picture appearance is completely representative of the product's real appearance.
Author: Magen I.
A bracelet that stands out
The picture in the site is beautiful and... the real product is even more impressive. My girlfriend was more than happy to receive it. It seemed that every diamond shouts her name when she opened it. Too bad I didn't record her reaction. Though I'm biased, this is a bracelet that really stands out in the crowd (not that my girlfriends needs jewelry to stand out, but still...).
Author: Ryan C.
I love this bracelet
This bracelet is so gorgeous! Actually I totally bought 5 of them because I actually think they look cool if you have more of them... I also bought my little sister one which she wears like an anklet. They are so classic and just look good with everything. I definitely recommend them, and they should be bought here because the customer service is fabulous. Thanks for such a cute style!
Author: Amy F.
i love this gorgeous worth having
I love this amazing link bracelet. Such a cute style, and so easy to wear. It really looks great with every single piece of clothing I wear... It looks amazing, and makes me feel sexy and perfectly accessorized. Also, it reminds me of some of my favorite fashion pieces that I have circled in magazines wanting to find versions of them. I'm really glad I found this awesome bracelet and I will be back online sometime soon for sure to find my next favorite jewelry piece. Ok, so maybe I'm a spoiled jewelry obsessed girl, but this is a great store for that, and I'm really happy I found it!
Author: Brianna L.
She now feels like a princess
I bought this for my girlfriend because it looked super-strong (she can be kind of klutzy) and she loved it because it looks super stong, but also glamorous. Plus because it looks like it's woven, she said she feels like a princess because she had a bracelet that looks much more expensive than it was.
Author: Joseph H.
Firey Bling!
I initially bought this for a friend but then I decided that I should get one for myself just because I like it so much. We both love our bracelets and love showing them off to everyone!
Author: Nina G.
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