14k white gold

Chic Journey Diamond Bangle in 14k White Gold

Catalog ID: D10738
This 14 karat white gold journey styled diamond bangle is exceptionally stylish. The 9 channel-set diamonds gradually increase in size to create a remarkably impressive design.
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Bracelet Information
Metal Type 14k White Gold
Length 7 "
Rhodium Yes
Diamond Information
Number of Diamonds 6
Diamond Shape Round
Total Carat Weight .40
Average Color G-H
Average Clarity SI2
Setting Type Channel
Additional Diamonds
Number of Diamonds 3
Diamond Shape Round
Min. Total Carat Weight .52
Average Color G-H
Average Clarity SI2
Setting Type Channel
Customer Reviews
total score:
Based on 22 customer reviews
Classy but well priced!
I got this bracelet for my wife on her birthday. Not only did she love the box (well packaged!) but she also wouldn't stop commenting on how classy and expensive the bracelet looked. Now, I'm not one to brag about getting a deal, but this was really a deal. I couldn't bring myself to tell her what a bargain I got! Next brithday, I'll be shopping at Zoara again for sure!
Author: Peter H.
Buy'em and Stack'em
The bracelet is simple, so its great to buy a few and wear them stacked. I bought 3 and I like to wear them stacked with a simple outfit.
Author: Loretta J.
A Happy Wife
I got this bracelet for my wife who loves jewelry. I knew it was simple, but I always mess up the pieces when it comes to complicated stuff. She said that this was the perfect gift. She said specifically that it is "classy, with a touch of simple grace". I agree! Most importantly, my wife is happy!!!
Author: Marcus C.
Versatile and beautiful, there's nothing better than a diamond bangle!
I personally like the layered look when it comes to jewelry. I like wearing different types of jewelry (bracelets, earrings, rings, etc.) in a variety of colors designs and styles. I don't usually splurge on genuine diamond jewelry, so when I finally decided I wanted to treat myself to diamond jewelry I really wanted to get a piece which would fit in well with my layered items. This diamond bangle was the perfect choice. It went with everything! Since this item is so understated and tasteful, it can be successfully paired with a number of additional pieces. I'm extremely happy with my decision to buy this particular item, its a great addition to my wardrobe.
Author: Carrie W.
It's an amazing bracelet; it goes well with every outfit. I am so happy my friend convinced me to buy it!
Author: Amanda W.
almost perfect...
Overall, I think the bangle is great, but if it were a bit thicker, it would have been much better! But it still is fabulous so I'm rather pleased with it.
Author: Brianna M.
Too chunky for me
The impression I got from the item's description and its picture was that it was slimmer and slenderer than it actually turned out to be. When the item arrived I must say I was quite disappointed with the its girth. It was chunkier and heavier than I imagined. I contacted customer support and explained that I wasn't altogether happy with my purchase. The sales rep. was really nice and said that if I returned the item in good condition I would be able to have it replaced with jewelry that's more to my taste. I ended up returning the jewelry for a beautiful pair of diamond earrings, so I was happy at the end of the ordeal. All I know is, next time I buy diamond jewelry online I'm going to call customer support before placing my order and asking them the exact measurements of the items I've selected.
Author: Geraldine T.
An excellent buy!
I just couldn't believe that such a beautiful gold bracelet could be so affordable. Very recommended!
Author: Regina K.
What a great bangle!
I love bangles...and this one is definitely no exception!! Actually, far from being an exception... it is my favorite bangle! Seriously! It's just so classy and so worth wearing...I can't even discuss how cute it really is. I wear it with everything, and I can't wait until summer comes around!
Author: Lavinia T.
beautiful bangles
I love this bangle... I bought myself 8 of them because I think they look so great all the way up my arms. I know it sounds silly, but it reminds me of women in India who I've always thought were so beautiful. This gold bangle really did it for me when I saw it online, and so I ordered one of them to see if it's as nice in person as it looked online. Well, it's even more beautiful. I am seriously not exaggerating... It's really the nicest bangle anyone ever had. It's made with such superb craftsmanship that I didn't want to buy other different ones because I thought that they would just all get upstaged by this one. Ok, so it's maybe a little pricey for buying 8 different ones, but I totally don't regret my purchase. Best thing (or should I say things) that I own!
Author: Tamsin S.
Trendy and modern looking
I recently decided that I needed an overhaul of my jewelry collection as the majority is comprised of vintage pieces I got from my granny and mother. So I wanted to get at least one piece that was very modern looking. I came across this bracelet and I was sold. It's design is modern and sleek, plus it's got diamonds and looks amazing both in sunlight and at night. It's such an attention getter and I love it
Author: Janie M.
Great Jewelry
I bought this for my wife. She loves it, adores it and wears it all the time. It looks good on her. Only thing is that now I have to put up with people trying to flirt with her whenever she wears it!
Author: Christian M.
Slightly Unwieldy, but nice overall
I bought this bracelet because I wanted a diamond bangle that was rather modern looking. This piece looked like the perfect piece, but I found it kind of unwieldy when I first bought it. That being said, it looks beautiful and I love the diamonds! It's a great piece and I've now gotten used to it's weight so it's not like having to do a workout anymore!
Author: Ingrid M.
What a Great Piece
I was looking for a piece of jewelry that is original but can also be used in almost any situation. This bracelet fits the bill!
Author: Andrea F.
So Cute!
This piece is the cutest piece of jewelry I have ever seen. The small diamonds are so cute as are the big ones! I thought this would be so expensive, but it actually was one of the most affordable I've seen on the internet. I wear it all the time and everywhere I go people tell me how great it looks!
Author: Elaine I.
My wife really wanted a new, modern piece of jewelry and I figured it would be appropriate for me to give her one for her birthday. The thing is, I don't know anything about jewelry so I was at a total lost as to what I should get her. So I did a search and since Zoara had the most reasonable prices, I called up their customer service and asked for their help. They suggested this bracelet and they were right because my wife wears it all the time!
Author: Kyle R.
I recently graduated college and my parents surprised me with this bracelet. I couldn't believe they bought me a diamond bangle. It's a piece of jewelry I never owned before and I had never even thought of them before. Needless to say, I love this bracelet. It's beautiful and it sparkles like crazy both in the sun and at night off of lamps. It's amazing and I wear it whenever I can.
Author: Sarah C.
Worship the Bangles
I absolutely love this bangle I got from Zoara! It's a great piece, was jsut the right price and it fits my collection and my taste just right. I wear it as much as possible. It's definitely the new foundation of my jewelry collection since it's the nicest piece I own!
Author: Nichole D.
So Beautiful!
I got this diamond bracelet that I because I got a massive promotion and needed something to reflect my new position. It's incredible and I wear it both in the boardroom and when I go out with friends to party. I wouldn't trade it for anything!
Author: Dana R.
One of a kind
This bracelet is, simply put, one of a kind! It is so different and modern compared to other pieces I've seen both online and in person that I had to have it. It's exactly what I needed and I'll be wearing it as much as I can. Oh and I need to thank my amazing hubby since he's the one who purchased it for me on the spur of the moment!
Author: Bethany S.
Zoara is great...
Because they supplied me with the gift of a life time. We recently found ourselves inheriting a massive fortune. So after being responsible and paying down all of our debt, we still had some money left over. At the same time, our anniversary was coming up. So I decided to get my wife a really nice piece of jewelry. This bracelet was the perfect thing to give. My wife didn't expect it and she wears it proudly and has informed me that this diamond bangle will be an heirloom that she will pass on to one of our children!
Author: Brian C.
Different and Amazing
This bracelet is the most amazing thing ever! I love its modern shape and funky presentation of the diamonds. Kudos to Zoara~!
Author: Hannah L.
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