Six Prong 1/4 ctw Round Cut Diamond Ring in 14k White Gold

Catalog ID: D11189
This classic 14 karat white gold engagement ring is designed with a contemporary twist. The curved contour beautifully enhances the 1/4 carat round cut diamond held by six prongs.

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Setting Information
Product ID RGST8003E-W-14-1
Setting Type Prong
Metal Type 14k White Gold
Rhodium Yes

Diamond Information

Number of Diamonds 1
Diamond Shape Round
Total Carat Weight 0.23
Diamond Average Color I
Diamond Average Clarity SI2
Diamond Cut Very Good
Customer Reviews
total score:
Based on 15 customer reviews
Exquisite Solitaire Ring
I got this absolutely breathtaking ring from my husband after I gave birtht to our first son. He told me that he saw the ring and thought it looked symbolic- with the center diamond (what he said representsour son) framed by what looks like two sweeping arms (me and him). I couldn't stop crying when he told met his! I am so lucky!
Author: Beatrice K.
She's very happy
I bought this ring for my wife on valenties day and she hasn't taken it off since! Then again why would she?
Author: Pierre L.
Love it!
This is the ring that I've been dreaming of...and my fiance got it for me! When it arrived in the mail I couldn't beleive how exquisite the design was. It looks even better in real life than it does online.
Author: Patricia L.
I wish I was so excited by Jewelry
Though I think womens' being enraptured by jewelry is a bit strange, sometimes I wish I was able to connect with an inanimate object to deeply. She's really happy. I guess that's good.
Author: Charles P.
Ocean Waves
My girlfriend and I met on a sufring trip and we've been together ever since. I really wanted to find her a diamond engagement ring that had a beautiful design which the waves of the water. I couldnt afford a custom made ring, so I looked around for a while. This was the ring. When I gave it to her, she broke into the biggest smile. She loves it, especially the "wave detail" (although I had to explain it to her ;)
Author: Riley N.
Great solitaire ring at a great price
The price + the beautiful design + the ease of ordering makes this ring = awesomeness.
Author: Jordan H.
Detailed yet simple!
My finace and I spent ages looking for the right ring. I really wanted to find something classy, unique and not boring, but not out there. Plus we were buying on a budget and had to find a diamond ring we could afford. When I saw this ring, and then I saw the price, it was like- Eureka! And the best part was that we found it from the comforts of our own home and had it delivered right to us exactly the way we wanted it. thanks zoara!
Author: Cynthia K.
Can't go wrong with this one
when the ring came in the mail, I was very impressed with the quality. The band looks exactly like it does in the pictures online, if not better, and the diamond is absolutely gorgeous. For a price this good, how can you NOT?
Author: Justine A.
Very pleased
I don't know what it is that women love about diamond rings so much but what the heck. If there's a way to make them happye without having to say the exact right thing all the time and you can just give them something, then I'm for it. As long as I don't have to do it every day.
Author: Truman B.
After a long search
Finally found the one she wanted. As long as it's over and we actually picked something, I really don't care about anything else. Except that it actually arrives and it's what it says it is, which it did and which it is so everything's fine.
Author: Sanders M.
Satisfaction guaranteed
or your money back. Satisfaction I got, so no money back. So we're good. No problem. Life goes on, ring goes on finger. marriage children, nursing home.
Author: Troy E.
It looks like it has wings
If you spin it around it looks like a helicoptor. Except less heavy and a lot smaller. And it won't chop your head off if you touch the propellers. Other than that it's a beautiful engagement ring. And about that I'm not being facetious.
Author: Michael B.
Good buy
Like the ring, like the price, like the website. What's not to like? I don't know.
Author: Erica U.
Who was it that invented the idea of an engagement ring?
I wonder if we have to give him royalties for every one that's sold. He won't be too happy with Zoara though because they're prices are too low. haha...thanks for the great ring.
Author: Eva F.
The ring is perfect
The ring's perfect, but the ordering process was a little daunting... First off my credit card would not be accepted by the site for some reason..When I contacted the bank they said that there was no problem with my card and that the glitch probably originated with the site. So I called customer support and they helped me solve the problem. And everything was going fine till I got a call from a rep who said that there was some problem with my payment. I told her that me and the other representative had already been over this and that he said that he had resolved the issue..Apparently not! We had to go through the payment process again.... But after that was all over I got the ring and it was perfect, so all in all I'm pretty pleased.
Author: Lana K.
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