Half Bezel 1/2 ctw Round Cut Diamond Ring in 14k White Gold

Catalog ID: D10292
This solitaire diamond engagement ring is crafted from 14 karat white gold. The 1/2 carat round cut diamond is beautifully held in a half bezel setting.

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Setting Information
Product ID RGAW17602-W-14-2
Setting Type Half-bezel
Metal Type 14k White Gold
Width 8.8 - 2.5mm
Rhodium Yes

Diamond Information

Number of Diamonds 1
Diamond Shape Round
Total Carat Weight 0.47
Diamond Average Color I
Diamond Average Clarity SI2
Diamond Cut Very Good
Customer Reviews
total score:
Based on 21 customer reviews
Always Appropriate
Most diamond rings are just too much for my taste, but this one is so tastefully designed, it goes with everything! I love that I can wear it anywhere and always feel that it's appropriate.
Author: Belinda F.
Lovely Swirl
The gentle swirl of this ring design had me right from the start. It's such an exquisite design, I couldn't resist!
Author: May S.
Smiling since the ring arrived
I haven't stopped smiling since the ring first came! Grade A quality and friendly service really rounded out the experience perfectly!
Author: Brita F.
A Real Spirit Lifter!
Bringing this diamond ring as a gift to my sister after she'd been through a terribly rough year turned out to be just what she needed to lift her spirits. She is in love with this beauty of a ring and so thankful that her hard time is over. I'm thankful to Zoara for making it so easy to do something special for my sister!
Author: Halle C.
In Awe
The curves of this classic solitaire are so artfully designed, I can't help but run my fingers over the lines in awe.
Author: Daisy K.
Suits the lady I love perfectly!
Right from the start, I knew shopping for an engagement ring for my longtime girlfriend would be a challenge. She's not exactly easy to please and she has very expensive taste that doesn't exactly match my budget situation... That's why I was so happy to find the gorgeous selection of affordable engagement rings on Zoara. I picked the ring that I thought would suit my lovely lady best and luckily, I made the right choice! This amazing diamond engagement ring had her smiling from ear to ear!
Author: Richie A.
Good things come in small packages
Brightness and beauty in a perfect little package! That pretty much sums up this radiant diamond ring.
Author: Samantha C.
Rolling out the red carpet
Ever since I got this magnificent diamond ring I feel like somebody should be rolling out the red carpet for me. That's how glamorous it makes me feel!
Author: Bonnie J.
Made for a Great Mother's Day Kodak Moment
Gift giving is not one of my favorite tasks, but sometimes it just has to be done, like on Mother's Day. My mom's the best so of course I wanted to get her something that would really make her happy. That's why I turned to Zoara. I've always been happy with thier quality as well as their service. I wasn't surprised that this purchase was no exception. My mother was so excited when she first laid eyes on this delicate diamond gift, it was definitely a Kodak moment! It's a good thing I had my camera handy!
Author: Mark V.
The essence of grace and style
Let's just say that since this ravishing diamond ring arrived, all my other rings are sitting comfortably in my jewelry box! None of them even come close to the grace and style of this special piece of jewelry.
Author: Amanda M.
Gorgeous Ring Great Website
To begin with, I must say how impressed I am with Zoara's site. The navigation was easy, and it took me only mintues to find hte ring I was looking for. Grandted, I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted, but I had looked through a number of other sites and it took me ages to get to the preset solitaire rings section. Now, this ring is really a gem. The design of the band is elegant and feminine with a safe and secure bezel setting which is what I was specifically looking for. I'm very pleased with my purchase. Thanks zoara!
Author: VickiSB3
This ring is stunning. When it arrived it the mail it was obvious to see the beautiful craftsmanship in the sweeping swirl of the ring. The best part is the way the setting accentuates the center stone and makes it look big and bright. Your eye goes straight to the center diamond. I'm in love with it!
Author: Sonya K.
Of all the rings I saw on the Zoara site, this jumped out at me. So, I had them send me their complimentary ring sizer and I even called them to ask about metal types. They helped me figure out exactly what metal I wanted and I ended up ordering it right over the phone. The ring came on time and it looks amazing. I show it off to everyone - especially my jealous friends!
Author: Patty
In Love with my ring!
My fiance and I were really shopping for my engagement ring on a budget, so I didn't have such high hopes of finding a design that I would be really happy with. But somehow, I think through a google search, we found this ring on zoara and that was it. I knew it was the ring for me. We picked out the .50 carat stone which looks fantastic. I actually think the bezel setting makes the stone look bigger 'cause most of my friends don't believe me when I tell them that it is only a .50 carat diamond! I'm totally in love with it.
Author: Peggy
No brainer
This ring is a no brainer. It's beautiful and affordable. My fiance can't stop raving about the design. She's convinced I splurged on it. I don't have the heart to tell her that I found it online at Zoara!
Author: Tracy J.
My finace loves the ring
I wasn't sure about buying my girlfriend an engagement ring online,but decided that with zoara's return policy being rather lenient, I could always return the ring if it didn't look right in real life. Well, when the ring came and I opened the box, I couldn't believe how amazing it looked. It looked better than it does in the picture. So when I got down on one knee, I was confident that I'd made the right choice in a ring and I was right. She said yes and she loves the ring!
Author: Chris M.
Good Choice
This ring is a great choice. It's subtle but distinct and fits really nicely. It's a nice "twist" on a bezel setting which can look plain sometimes. This setting makes the bezel setting look unique and interesting.
Author: Clara P.
Wow! This is perfect!
I didn't know what a bezel setting was before i read about it on Zoaras website. I knew the shape of ring that I liked, but I didn't know what the name of it was. Zoaras is such a great website, because not only can you order your products with ease, you can also research and learn all about the item before you buy it. It seems like Zoaras really wants to make sure the customer is happy and it shows, both in the quality of their products and on their informative website.
Author: Jess James
Phew! Went Smoothly!
I had only been with my girlfriend for about 6 months, but I knew that she was the one for me from our first date. I reall ywanted to propose to her, but I was afraid that she would thing it was way too early and that I was crazy. She is also quite particular in her jewelry tastes, so trying to choose an engagement ring for her was really nerve-wracking. I had already decided that I would buy the ring from Zoaras because they had the best selection for the most reasonable prices, but I wanted to speak with someone rather than do everything over the internet. I thought I would have to wait on hold forever and get some inept CSR. Wow, was I wrong! I spoke with Sara and she was soooo helpful. She really helped me narrow down the choices and helped me choose the perfect ring. My girlfriend is now my fiance!
Author: Tony D.
Great Quality and Very Affordable
I love this ring! I had a lot of doubts about my boyfriend's ability to pick a ring for me that I would like. I typically haven't had the same taste as him in Jewelry. He must have had some help from somewhere because this ring is stunning! Yay! I don't have to exchange it!
Author: Deborah G.
My partner got this ring for me a couple of months ago. Beautiful ring, fits wonderfully and the diamond is actually bigger than it looks on the picture. Thanks Zoara, I had a wonderful engagement!
Author: Maria
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