14k white gold

Four Prong 1/4 ctw Round Diamond Ring in 14k White Gold

Catalog ID: D91922
This 14 karat white gold setting is skillfully designed to enhance the size of a round-cut solitaire diamond. The exquisitely crafted four prongs twist around the 1/4 carat diamond and beautifully embrace it.

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Setting Information
Product ID RGSTP07037-W-14-1
Setting Type Prong
Metal Type 14k White Gold
Rhodium Yes

Diamond Information

Diamond Shape Round
Diamond Average Color I
Diamond Average Clarity SI2
Diamond Cut Very Good
Gemstone Information
Customer Reviews
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Based on 6 customer reviews
Customer service A+
There was a problem with the checkout something with the credit card expiration date but the Zoara team fixed everything in less than 10 minutes and shipped my ring right away. Just want to thank them for their hard work.
Author: Rafael Pallermo
One glitch but solved
There was one problem when I lost my internet connection in the middle of an order but ordering by phone seemed easy enough and it certainly proved to be. They're really on top of the game there. Good doing business with you.
Author: S.K.E.
3,2,1 i'm engaged!
Zoara's online selection is much better than a standard jewelry store you may find in the diamond district. So much selection and options means at some point you'll get what you're looking for. I certainly did, and I gave it to my girl and now, finally, after 33 years of bachelorhood I'm engaged and settling down.
Author: Bernie M.
Great setting and stone
The setting is a good balance between modern and traditional, mostly traditional with a slight twist, literally. It unites the past and the present in that way, sort of like a marriage I guess, to wax overly poetic. Maybe I should stop this review now before I take this analogy too far.
Author: Panelope
Going out on a limb here
but I'm going to say that online shopping is so vastly superior to actual stores that I don't even understand why jewelry stores are even in business anymore. Think of how much space could be saved by it all being on line and how much forest you don't have cut down for the next Zale's superstore. That's why I bought here. Zoara was the easiest site with the least clutter so naturally picked this one.
Author: Nelson R.
Quite pleased thank you
Liking the look of this ring on my girlfriend and as long as she's satisfied I'm satisfied. I have a feeling she won't suddenly change her mind 10 years from now so we're safe and Zoara is safe. Good sale good ring.
Author: Marlo
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