Four Prong 1/4 ctw Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold

Catalog ID: D11125
Tasteful, elegant and traditional, this diamond engagement ring is crafted from 14 karat white gold. The sleek contour of the band elegantly displays a 1/4 carat round cut solitaire diamond.

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Setting Information
Product ID RGAW7084E-W-14-1
Setting Type Prong
Metal Type 14k White Gold
Rhodium Yes

Diamond Information

Number of Diamonds 1
Diamond Shape Round
Total Carat Weight 0.23
Diamond Average Color I
Diamond Average Clarity SI2
Diamond Cut Very Good
Customer Reviews
total score:
Based on 19 customer reviews
An amazing ring!
I have to admit, I'm incredibly happy with my engagement ring. The simpler the better. However, I did want it to be of the highest quality. I browsed around until I found the perfect solitaire diamond ring. The one I ended up buying is simple, yet elegant, sleek and chic. I highly recommend this product to anyone who's interested in a simple yet beautiful engagement ring.
Author: Sarah O.
Incredible blinged out ring
I was so happy to find this item. The diamond is in perfect proportion with the slender metal band. I'm very happy with the way my blinged out diamond engagement ring looks!
Author: Penny L.
Magnificent Solitaire!
I'm convinced that there's no way I could've found a solitaire diamond ring quite as magnificent as this one for such an amazing price anywhere but Zoara. They really know how to make a girl on a buget happy!
Author: Lindsay P.
A magnificent engagement ring, luxurioius and elegant
My engagement ring is so glamorous, it's really a one of a kind purchase.
Author: Lori A.
Proud to wear it!
Undoubtedly, the most gorgeous piece of jewelry I have ever owned! I'm so proud to wear this diamond ring!
Author: M. Finnegan
Both simple and elegant
A month ago I bought this engagement ring for my fiance. I was afraid that my short budget would force me to compromise on an unimpressive ring, but this one is simple, though elegant. An affordable and beautiful diamond ring that's just right.
Author: Benjamin W.
very brilliant
I had this ring appraised once it arrived - the diamond is of very high quality and this ring is worth far more than the asking price.
Author: Martin M.
Till Death Do Us Part
Diamonds really can do wonders! I never thought I would be ready to go the "till death do us part" route, but when I caught sight of this dazzling diamond ring, YES!!! flew out of my mouth so fast my boyfriend's head is still spinning!
Author: Charlotte P.
I adore it
I picked this ring out with my husband when he told me he wanted to buy me something special for Christmas. This ring is just beautiful. The design is elegant and the price was unmatchable. Really. Plus, it came right in time for the holidays!
Author: Stella V.
Looks fabulous
I actually thought that the band would be thicker - the picture makes it look thicker than it is. But, to tell you the truth, I actually really like the thin band. It brings out the center diamond and makes it look even bigger than it really is.
Author: Wanda
Classic, Timeless
This is a classic, timeless engagement ring design. My fiance loves it.
Author: Chuck M.
Happy Customer!
I was pleased with the entire purchase. I found the educationpages on Zoara before I started browsing the actual rings. The information on the 4Cs and buying an engagement ring was extremely helpful in my purcahse. Then, when I decided on this ring, the purchase process was just so easy! A few clicks, and days later the ring arrived. My fiance is thrilled with the ring and can't believe I surprised her with a design she liked!
Author: Hal G.
Thank you Zoara
The ring is beautiful and she adores it. I coudln't have asked for a better shopping experience.
Author: Dom N.
Ideal Engagement Ring
This is the classic, ideal engagement ring. I knew this was the right ring for my fiance right when i saw it. The price was unbeatable and the style is traditional and classic. My fiance was so excited when it arrived in the mail. She's very happy with it.
Author: Eric A.
All 'round awesome ring!
This ring is fantastic. It looks incredible on the finger. The diamond shines, the metal is lustrous, and I'm just so happy with my purchase!
Author: Jenn
She's happy, I'm happy!
I have a terrible history of surprising my girlfriend with presents. She usually doesn't like what I pick out. She's kind of a control freak. So I asked her friends to help me pick out the engagement ring. zoara's site made it really easy for us to shop together without being together. We sent eachother the little videos of each ring that looked good. We decided on this one together, and thank goodness for their help, because she totally loves it. Thanks zoara for making it so easy!
Author: Barry C.
Reformed Bachelor
I was always unsure whether I wanted to get married. But after 5 years with the same girl, I realized that I wanted to commit to her and be with her forever. It was then that I came across Zoaras. They have a fantastic collection and they had many choiced in my budget. This ring is absolutely perfect and I can't wait to give it to my love!
Author: Richard K.
This ring is perfection!
After scouring the many jewelry stores in our area, my boyfriend and I decided to try looking online. We were recommended this site by a close friend of ours and thought it would be a good idea to check it out. Not only did they have a huge inventory of rings, they also had informative pages that gave clear descriptions of different types of diamonds, claritiy, etc. This was very helpful because neither of us knew much about diamonds, or even what questions to ask. We finally decided on one together, got it very soon after and haven't been happier!
Author: Fantasia H.
Less prongs the better
I'm not a huge fan of rings that have many prongs. I find that they cover too much of the diamond and distract the eye away from its natural beauty. This ring is perfect! The prongs are small and there aren't many of them. Look how gorgeous this ring is!
Author: Pastiche m.
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