14k white gold

Bold Tapered 1/4 ctw Solitaire Ring in 14k Yellow Gold

Catalog ID: D92429
This breathtaking 14 karat yellow gold diamond engagement ring extends upward on either side of a classic six prong mounting to protect and complement a brilliant 1/4 carat centerpiece diamond.

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Setting Information
Product ID RGSDP70061-Y-14-1
Setting Type Prong
Metal Type 14k Yellow Gold
Width 3.8 - 6.5mm

Diamond Information

Diamond Shape Round
Diamond Average Color I
Diamond Average Clarity SI2
Diamond Cut Very Good
Customer Reviews
total score:
Based on 10 customer reviews
Absolutely magnificent
Trying to calm myself down from the excitement so I can go back to work with a calm head and concentrate. It's not working!
Author: Christina D.
Really big ring, wow
This is bigger than I expected, but I like the fact that I can feel it on my finger and it stands out very easily. Nice look and an obviously high quality diamond.
Author: hc
Highly recommend great jewelry site
Judging from what I've been through, Zoara deserves more attention. Not cluttered, good selection, not too much though to drive you completely nuts. Everything in order and works like a well oiled machine. Happy with my purchase personally.
Author: b. paulson
Nice nice nice
One of my girlfriends just told me a horror story of how her boyfriend gave her this weird nutty looking ring and proposed and she just couldn't get over how weird it was. In contrast, my ring is nice nice nice. Good balance, good pick.
Author: balanced
My grandma would be proud
of the price I got for this ring. She only had one diamond ring in her life - engagement ring - and could never afford a second. I got this one for my engagement and it only cost me 2 months of savings. I don't know if she'd be angry that she had to spend so much or amazed, probably both.
Author: grand daughter
A keeper for life
I will do my best to make this marriage work if only for the sake of keeping this beautiful ring for the rest of my life. Very impressed and touched, thanks Zoara and Zack (my bf)
Author: Daniella
Impressive sleek finish
The shine is quite...shiny, for lack of a better word, I hope it stays that way. Ring maintainence is the key, will take care of my beautiful new ring.
Author: Ariella M.
Almost didn't buy it
Until I saw the amazing 3d picture and was convinced. They really know how to seduce you. Beware! At least they're honest. It is a beautiful ring indeed.
Author: Omni
Going to the chapel and we're...
You know the rest of the song. Thanks for the beautiful engagement ring! I'll see you at the chapel in a month! Love, Michelle
Author: Michelle Blum
How do I love thee...
Let me count the ways: 1) You gave me a really amazing diamond engagement ring. What other reason is there? A lot, but no need to write them on a product review.
Author: Paris Rowland
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