Preset Engagement Rings

Learn About Preset Engagement Rings

A preset engagement ring takes the deliberation and complication out of shopping for a quality diamond in an exquisite band.  The center diamond in preset engagement rings is pre-selected by the jeweler and pre-set by the jeweler.  Choosing to purchase a preset engagement ring can help simplify the shopping process.  

Preset engagement rings are typically available in a manageable selection of precious metal bands and a selection of center stone carat weights.  Each metal offers the consumer a different look at a different price and with different qualities. Similarly, the carat weight of the center stone diamond affects the cost, look and feel of the ring.  

Precious Metals

Most preset engagement ring bands are available in the following metals:

Yellow Gold

The most traditional, classic diamond engagement ring metal, and also one of the most affordable. Offers a warm yellow hue which softly compliments any center stone diamond.

White Gold

Growing in popularity, white gold offers consumers the cool luster and sheen of platinum at a lower price. White gold is alloyed with platinum, palladium or silver to give it the white hue and is then plated with rhodium, a member of the platinum family, to enhance its whiteness and durability.


The most durable and pure of all three metals, platinum is also the most expensive.  Although the metal doesn’t wear, it can lose its bright sheen over the years and develop what’s known as a platinum “patina”, giving the band a brushed look.  Platinum bands can be repolished to restore the original sheen.

Carat Weights

Preset engagement rings typically feature stones of the same color, cut and clarity grades, but allow the shopper to select a particular carat weight.  While a diamond’s size isn’t exactly correlated with its weight in carats, the carat weight of a diamond is a rough indication of its size and price.  Most preset engagement ring bands are available with center stone diamonds of the following carat weights:

1/4 carat: Smallest and most affordable.  The average diameter of a round brilliant 1/4 carat diamond is approximately 4 mm. 

1/2 carat: A great value.  The average diameter of a round brilliant 1/2 carat diamond is approximately 5 mm.

3/4 carat: Closest in size to the traditional 1 carat diamond.  The average diameter of a round brilliant 3/4 carat diamond is approximately 5.9 mm. 

1 carat:  The classic size for a diamond engagement ring.  The average diameter of a round brilliant 1 carat diamond is approximately 6.5 mm.

More Information

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