Half Bezel Floral Swirl Diamond Ring in 14k White Gold

Catalog ID: D10719
This exceptional 14 karat white gold engagement ring setting beautifully enhances the center stone diamond of your choice. The two round cut diamonds totaling at 1/2 carat are elegantly embraced by swirls.

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Setting Information
Product ID RGNY01140-W-14
Center Stone Setting Type Prong
Metal Type 14k White Gold
Width 2 - 2.5mm
Rhodium Yes
Side Stone Information
Number of Diamonds 2
Shape Round
Total Carat Weight 0.46
Average Color G-H
Average Clarity SI1
Setting Type Half-bezel
Center Stone Can Be Set With
All shapes and all carat weights. Additional fees may apply for certain diamond types.
Customer Reviews
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Based on 7 customer reviews
3 Stone Ring – The Perfect Choice
I was really contemplating at first about whether to buy my girlfriend a 3 stone ring, as I wasn't entirely sure she will like it… but eventually I decided to go with my gut feeling and placed the order. Boy, am I glad I did so, or what!? I never in a million years expected such a positive reaction from her – if I remember correctly, her exact words were: it exceeded her wildest dreams of an engagement ring! Now that I come to think of it, I don't know why I was so hesitant about it in the first place – with such a breathtaking ring, how could anyone go wrong?!
Author: Brian W.
If my wife loved it then anyone would! She has great taste though she can detect any flaw with her naked eye, she's sharper than a micro-scope! Anyhow she observed the ring for a while, making sure nothing deserved criticizing remarks and finally looked at me and said this is a perfect ring. Three diamonds which together form a magical ring which can't be replaced for any other item.
Author: Ron D.
Everyone's Green with Envy!
My girlfriends are so jealous of my ring. They keep nagging their husbands about why they only got them solitaires instead. Well, maybe it's because their husbands don't love them half as much as my fiancée loves me!
Author: Beverly S.
Absolutely spectacular
I have never bought a piece of jewelry before in my life, not even a watch - I've always gotten those as gifts from various uncreative girlfriends and my mom. Anyway, when I decided to propose to my girlfriend of two years, I had to take the plunge into the deep end. I did my research on diamonds like all the websites recommended, and after about a month-long decision-making process, I settled on this spectacular three diamond ring. When it arrived, i was absolutely floored by how stunning it is. The diamonds are clear and spectacular and glimmer in a full rainbow of colors, and the craftsmanship is absolutely immaculate. With the three diamonds, this ring is a real eye-catcher, and I sure hope my girlfriend loves it. Wish me luck!
Author: Hal
oh my lord this is one amazing ring! to be honest, i was completely shocked when my boyfriend proposed to me because we've only been together for about six months. when he got down on one knee, i was totally taken aback, and I wasn't even sure i was going to say yes. but then as soon as he opened the little box and I saw this amazing three diamond ring i was like 'Yes yes yes!!!!' This ring is just so gorgeous and I absolutely love wearing it. I get a million comments and complements on it and every girl I know is SO jealous of it.
Author: Genna B.
Astounding elegance
This three stone diamond ring scores a perfect 10 in my book. Each of the three diamonds is an exercise in perfection. They are utterly flawless and clear and have an absolutely remarkable sparkle. The diamonds are elegantly set into the ring, in a way that doesn't detract from their beauty or fire.I would recommend this ring highly to anyone in the market for a three diamond ring. The price is also very fair considering the high quality of the product.
Author: Nick Y.
A hint?
I am 29 and I've been dating my boyfriend for going on six years. Although we are totally devoted to each other, neither one of us is particularly enthusiastic about getting married, because the idea of a wedding party sounds like a superfluous hassle and we don't want to suffocate passion with legal documents. Apparently, however, the fact that I'm not married bothers my mother quite a bit, and for my birthday this year she went ahead and got me this three diamond ring - and there's no denying it, it looks like an engagement ring. I don't really understand what she was getting at - if it was supposed to be a really expensive hint to my boyfriend to propose or what? It's a gorgeous ring, there's no doubt about it, but I'm not entirely certain what to do with it. Wearing it will invite unwanted questions about whether I'm engaged, plus it will give my mother some sort of twisted victory, but not wearing seems like a sinful waste of a spectacular ring. I can tell you first hand that the ring is truly gorgeous - the diamonds are flawless, the setting is gorgeously crafted, but it is causing me quite a conundrum.
Author: Shelly A.
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