2.5 Carat Diamond

A 2.5 carat diamond is a large sized diamond that weighs approximately 500 milligrams, or 0.5 grams. The term "carat" refers to a diamond's weight and is the unit used by the jewelry industry.


The Standard

Two and a half carat diamonds are frequently used in engagement rings and other pieces of jewelry that have multiple stones, such as pave and three-stone rings. 2.5 carat diamonds are the standard for center stones in these pieces of jewelry because of their ability to reflect light better than smaller stones as well as their "wow" factor due to their massive size.

What About Size?

2 1/2 or 2.50 carat diamonds are usually noticeably larger than other stones, although this is not always the case since diamonds tend to become heavier and denser rather than larger. Consequently, a two and a half carat diamond may be smaller than a diamond of a lower carat weight. When considering the weight and size, keep in mind that the 2.5 carat diamond cut and diamond shape will also affect the stone. Jewelry settings can have the same effect on diamonds as well.

If you would like to enhance your diamonds' size, measure the distance across the crown (top) of the diamond. This section is usually the widest in a 2.50 carat diamond. Measuring this section will give you an idea as to how large your stone will appear in a ring or other piece of jewelry. You should also choose settings that maximize the size of diamonds.

Two and a Half Carat Diamond Prices?

2.50 carat diamonds are much more expensive than the ever popular one carat diamond and this is because diamond prices jump considerably at each full carat. That means that a 2.5 carat diamond is worth 1.5 times more than a one carat diamond.

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